[E:D] GC2016

Frontier had been saving up their announcements about new features for Gamescon. Each day they are having a number of live streams and the first was good!

New Ship.

The anticipated Beluga Liner was shown in a short teaser trailer. You can safely say that this ship has been wanted since the first art work was shown for it during Beta. There is a short trailer on the Elite:Dangerous YouTube channel.

Passenger missions.

With the new ship comes an actual use for a passenger liner, passenger transport missions! looks like there will be standard ‘Taxi’ missions and more in-depth ‘holiday tour’ type. In Elite II there was a lot less to do, so running passenger missing was a major part of the game and the opportunity to have this mission type has been asked for/pushed by a very vocal part of the E:D community, hopefully people will be happy now they can see some movement in this direction.

Galaxy Map.

There is also going to be improvements to the auto pilot function that will be a boon to explorers and for anyone travelling long distances. Been able to specify to plot a route on going via scoopable stars will make many people very happy.


Planets are also going to be given a bit of Love! The little tease they showed where fumaroles. If you not sure about these, it’s where hot gas/liquid escapes from a planet. Made famous by white and black smokers found on the sea floor, where an abundance of life is found in the deep ocean with nearly zero solar input but sustains large communities in little oasis of life in the barren abyssl plains. Fumaroles are also though to be a place where life might have first emerged on earth. Though I doubt frontier will take this route, but as a fumerole are likely to be another material harvesting site, maybe offering a chance to obtain the rare’s like at metallic meteorites.

Interesting stuff, apperently press have seen Alien spaceships!!!! I wanna see alien spaceships… Soon™.

See you on the other side…



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