The ‘Hammer’

World of Tanks Consoles are running another event, giving away another premium/hero tank. This time the offering is a German Hero tank the Panzer Kampf Wagon IV known as the Tiger, but this hero tank has been refered to as the ‘Hammer.’ The Tiger tank earned a reputation as a fearsome opponent during WWII been the most technologically advanced tank on the battlefield completely outmatched its opponents. Many people in WoT are disappointed that its not as fearsome in the game as it’s reputation says it should be. But then it is not always meeting its historical adverseries.

Earning the ‘Hammer’

(August 16 – August 30)

Unlike the other Hero tanks, to earn the Hammer it is not about earning XP per battle but the winning of games and placing high on the scoreboard. You gain one point for winning a battle and another for placing in the top 5 xp earners on your team. But if your team loses a match you lose a point unless you place in the top 5 and that bonus mitigates the point loss. The ops are time gated so unless you want to sit down and earn all the points on the last few days, you spread earning the points over the second half of August.

The first op has already started in is as usual an easy starter, earn just 5 points in ANY tank tier III – X. The first Op completion rewards you with a Large Repair Kit. The second Op is unlocked August 19th it is also a 5 point op and rewards 2,000 silver and two x3 XP boosts. The first two op’s are going to be really easy to complete. The third op goes live August 22nd and you need to earn 10 points this time but the reward is well worth it with a day of premium. Op IV goes live 26th it is also to earn 10 points and rewards 1000 Free XP, which we all know is invaluable for skipping stock grinds. The Final challenge Op V unlocks the 29th and you now have to earn 15 points but completing this rewards you with a garage slot and the Tiger I Hammer. This  then unlocks the Hammer Challenge Earn another 15 points and earn 1000 gold. There are also 2 PvE campaigns to complete that unlocks  the ‘Hammer’ Medal.

If you are so inclined and don’t have the time to dedicate to this challenge the Hammer can also be bought in a few different bundles. I have run across the Hammer in a few matches, don’t expect it to be massively different from the Tiger I. It still has all the weakness’ and strengths of the standard Tiger. I have not actually unlocked the Tiger I yet I’m close to getting the Porsche version, then I will go sideways to earn the Tiger I. But will be invaluable to improve my heavy tank crews skills.

When World of Tanks consoles does a special they dangle a high tier hero tank in front of us like a carrot, which to be honest is rather nice. But poor old PC master race World of Tank players get the chance on a Tier II premium. Yes you did read that correctly Tier II… I know that PC players can earn tanks via Special missions that are available all the time, which Console does not have access. But I’d prefer a Tier VII/VIII premium/hero tank than a Tier II.  I am looking forward to earning the Hammer (hopefully!)

See you on the other side…


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