[E:D] Bought a Python

Though I’m really enjoying flying my stable of ships, I was getting to the point that the money in the bank was starting to burn a hole. Flying around in fully specc’ed ships is nice there is a lot of enjoyment flying a non ideal load out and upgrading it as you earn the money. I decided to sell my Vulture and buy myself a Python with change I had left I had planned on getting an A-rated FSD.. Planned…

I didn’t check to see if the A-rated FSD was available when I bought the ship. Which was a nuisance and spoilt my plans. So I spent the money on getting A-rated shields and D- speccing the rest, getting a fuel scoop for the journey home to my ‘Home’ System of Una. When I got back to Una, I rigged my python for local mission running and mining and applied one of the paint jobs that I bought during the sales awhile ago.

Python hanger

I’m ship wrecked and comatose…

As I was rigging my Python for mining, the colour scheme I choose had to be red! So with my current setup I have about 120 tonnes of cargo capacity, two medium mining lasers and have 5 collecting drones. Which is a massive improvement from my Type 6, the speed that twin medium mining lasers drain an asteroid of resources is amazing! The 5 drones scoop up all the bits really quickly as well changes the way mining feels.

When I start my gaming session I pick up all the asteroid mining mission in a station, then look for delivery missions in the local area, deliver them and then look for mining missions in this new station. Do this a few times, then go mining, noting what I need to pick up, then I fly off to the ring system and start mining.

Python mining

I’m a firing my Lazor’s…

With most mining missions they give you plenty of time generally 3 days, to complete them. So even if you don’t complete them in your first gaming session, you can fly the next day to complete them. Seen as a few mission can give you half a million credits for as little as 12 tonnes of osmium and Una has a tech economy I will be able to slowly upgrade my python and pimp it with a few engineer mods, but as everything I have not done the ‘grind’ to unlock them or progress very far with them.

So plenty to do, slowly work towards a fully A-specced ship and get some mod’s on there for a start I need a FSD improvement.

See you on the other side…


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