Passwords are P!ssing me off!

Once long ago in another century, passwords where the behest of super villains, secret agents and Hollywood. I fondly recall my first password, for a Unix cluster back in ’95 I can recall my username and password. Well they do say you never forget your first! I feel that i have well and truly passed saturation with passwords. It now just vex’s me when I have to sign up for another service. The build up of passwords has  got to a point where I’m going to have to start writing them down which negates the safety of the password.

It’s not the passwords you use on a daily basis but the ones you use infrequently which you forget. For example I can’t remember my phone banking password. I probably use it less than once every six months but the account also has a pin. Because the password was set up so long ago I know it’s likely to be one or two or three choices, which they normally allow me to use. But there is also a Pin on the account not a clue. It’s 4 Digits just like a normal cash card, but it’s not the same, this was setup 15 years ago. To be honest my cash card pin, I’ve had the same one for 22 yrs so I can’t change it!

Every game, app, website wants you to sign  up for their service, I am a little lazy I do like games that allow you to log on via steam. But I don’t want to log in via Facebook, not that I use facebook anymore. But there probably is just too much data available via facebook to be linked with a game publisher. I can’t recall my netflix password, so I will unlikely be renewing that service. I went through the process of looking at all my passwords and counting them up  and deciding what services I wanted to keep. So app/services I no longer use I looked at their website and to see if it was possible for you to easily delete your account. Of the 30 accounts I tried to cull about a quarter had an option to delete your account. The majority once you setup your account that was it, they have your details and so you became their commodity untill they go bust then the accountants get to sell you to the highest bidder!

It’s time that instead of an alpha numeric password for all services a new method for securing a log on was used. Biometrics have been around for a very long time and used by a few phones/laptops, this would be one option. But I would not be willing to sign over control of the webcam on my lap top to an unknown source. It would also mean for this to happen I would have to install the drivers for the webcam…The drag pattern on certain phones is another option,  you don’t need to be a genius to work out how this can easily be ‘hacked’. But at least I didn’t have to remember a pin to get into my phone.

So how many passwords do I have? Well my banking and Apple and Google have unique passwords, all accounts that involve money have iterations of a password and games have another password with lots of iterations. Then government and other services have similar passwords. Then purely science services have just one password, most of these don’t ask for any personal data. So in total since ’95 I have acquired over 80 logins not accounting deleted accounts. With only 3 been unique passwords and the rest been similiar if not the same for many services. Then looking at my iterations of passwords I can bring the total to about 15 in total. Some people out there might have the capacity to store these in their head. But even with iterating certain passwords I am feeling full up.

Please just make the password spam stop…

See you on the other side…


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