Xbox One : Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online has been released into the wild on the Xbox One, for someone who follows STO for the PC the release was rather low-key. I was expecting some fanfare and trumpets, well at least something. No big count down, nothing!! As the Agents of Yesterday has just finished I was feeling pretty missioned out for STO on the PC and have not been logging in for a few weeks. But I was interested to see how the move from mouse and keyboard to pad worked…

As STO is a free MMO and unlike a few others I could mention the game does not lock essential mechanics away behind a pay wall. You can easily play through the story line from level 1 – 60 without spending any money on the game. The Xbox version does not change this or anything else… You get everything that is on the PC so 11 seasons and 2 expansions, the missions are the same everything. Though at the time of writing this the graphic on the Xbox are far crisper. A new lightening mechanic has been introduced which will be making its way to the PC (soon™.)

Control System

The control system is a work of art, no honestly, I feel as much in control of my starship as I do when using mouse and keyboard. There is always a learning curve when changing control systems, but with the barest UI pointers I can quickly see where I need to go to activate certain powers. This is working great at low levels and I have not progressed very far, I’m hoping that the system scales well and is as easy to use when your flying a Tier 6 ship with full faction load out with all the special abilities that comes with the use of special modules and ships etc.


So the Xbox has a new lighting system which makes the game look amazing giving items a sense of belonging in a scene which can be lacking somewhat on the PC version. I will be looking forward to these graphic upgrades when they arrive on the PC. With the lightning system some of the missions I’ve played, do have some odd glitches but I would assume these are to do with the way the scenes are coded for the old system. The same old problems faced in many RPG’s are the infamous floating eyeballs or when flesh gets added over a few seconds to character.


Will I be playing STO on the Xbox, no not really, I’m invested on the PC version with actually paying real money for a few unlocks. BUT if I didn’t have a PC I would be over the moon with this game coming to console. I will dabble with the console version. If you’re a Star Trek fan and own a Console, play this game!

BONUS Content

When I created my character, a Star Fleet Science captain I did notice one little interesting glitch just for a second. I spotted a reference to TOS (The Original Series) That’s what the event Agents of Yesterday was about starting a character off in the original series. So the information is there in game, I hope that they run this event for console players as a real welcome to STO.

See you on the other side…

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