World of Tank Console. “Typhoon 3.3 patch”

The new patch for World of Tanks is great if you have worked through either the British Medium or Heavy tank line. I’ve done both so I am rather excited about this patch, let’s find out why…

Two new Tier X’s

The British Tanks are getting some love in the next patch on consoles; update 3.3 brings the Centurion Action X to replace the FV 4202 on the medium side. The FV 4202 is been changed to a Tier VIII premium which if you already own the FV 4202 you will get for free. Also just as exciting is the new tier X heavy tank the Chieftain Mk 6, which is an addition NOT a replacement for the FV215b. The Chieftain Mk 6 has been in the PC client for a while but not released to the western world, it has only been available on the Chinese server. The Chinese server is very special because of limitations imposed by the Chinese government on the Chinese people, for their own safety (this statement could mean the government or the people you decide!) So us console peasants are getting lucky and will be the first westerners to get our little mitts on this tank!

FV angled

Although I found it much of a struggle going up the British Heavy line until I unlocked the Caernarvon at tier VIII once at Tier VIII I got into the swing of things and really settled into these tanks. I’ve said it before that British heavies don’t like been heavies they want to be mediums until you unlock the FV215b which actually makes E50’s and E75’s respect him! Just don’t expect to be able to duke it out with E-100’s or the Maus.  At the moment it’s only speculation but I’m going to assume that the Chieftain will branch of the Conqueror at Tier IX Which will be nice because I think I have 200k xp in reserve on that tank!

There is also a new limited visibility typhoon map based on the pacific island just not been able to see your hand in front of your face. I don’t like these maps, it is nice as an occasional and I mean occasional surprise, but when you get sandstorm more than you get the normal steppes it wears thin. Oddly enough I’ve only played the Blizzard map twice, not even sure if it’s still in the map rotation.

Consoles are also getting the new map Thiepval Ridge this is based on the upcoming ‘Trench Warfare’ special event! It’s based on Northern France in WW1 and is a 1.2km by 1.2km map; let’s hope it’s not just another ‘corridor’ style map. Making an appearance in this patch is also an in-game armour and component viewer, which could have an impact on the use of third party sites unless you want to know the hidden stats for example ground resistances etc.

Another change is the ability to stack most of the consumables for example if your tank seems to be made out of Ammo racks you can carry 2 repair kits. You will not be allowed to stack premium food, but are able to stack fuel.

What I need to do.

I’m going to need a new tank crew for the Chieftain Mk 6, most people find driving a mid-tier tank without crew skills horrible. I would not want to try it at Tier X. So I will be getting a crew into my Cromwell Knight and use a few X6 crew xp consumables and train a crew up with 6th sense, repair and Brothers-in-arms. Other crew skills will be worked on once I know how the Mk 6 works. I have enough silver in reserve to buy the new tier X, well as long as it’s less than 10 million silver!!! But if I’m working in my Knight that will hopefully earn me some more silver.

See you on the other side…


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