The Irony.

Finding out about AdBlockers new move managed to both amuse me and made me want to face palm at the same time. I have strong feelings about adblocker and it’s use. But will try to be fair as I discuss whats happening. Adblocker you so silly…

Where to start? Hmm, the basics, everyone wants to be paid for the work they do. Very simple but true across most of the planet. To get paid you need to generate something of value, this could be something tangible for example like an engine or shelf or potatoes, anything. It could be something intangible like passing on knowledge a teacher, or coach etc. Both tangible and intangible products need to be sold that’s where advertising comes in. Creating market awareness of your product or even associating your brand with a certain item. For example if I have to associate a word with Vodka it would be Smirnoff or maybe ambassador would be Ferrero Rocher. So advertising works even if I’ve not bought any Ferrero Rocher for maybe 20 years.

In Gt. Britain if you want to avoid commercials you watch/listen to the BBC services, if you can deal with commercials you can watch ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5. The BBC is paid for by a yearly license for the use of any item with a digital decoder, or FM receiver. The other stations are paid for by their aired commercials. Going a little more old school now, you see ‘bill boards’ very simple just a wall where you can put up a poster with your Ad on it. These boards are run by companies who own vast number of locations around the country.

So your computer screen is real estate and has value for advertisers, advertisers want to reach a large an audience as possible for the minimum effort, all very simple and basic so far nothing that everyone can’t understand. In our day-to-day life we deal with commercials sometimes they can be a source of amusement and a talking point at water coolers across the country. But some people are just greedy and add so much advertising to their site that you cant see where there actual content begins and ends. As a consumer we also pay for this advertising, via bandwidth and download limits and even as far as electricity. So insteps Adblocker a very simple idea it just blocks adverts, reduces bandwidth and download sizes on web pages.

A win for consumers then? NO! There are two ways to pay for things either up front like watching the BBC or via commercials like ITV, Channel4 and Channel5. For most of the internets limited history the latter approach has been taken. Only a small amount of content is behind a pay gate services like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. Other entertainment like YouTube has until recently been funded via commercials with the content creators if they bring in enough viewers taking a cut from the commercials on their channel. Recently YouTube rolled out their premium service where you pay an upfront fee and get to watch content with out commercials.

Google has many fingers in many pies, one of those pies is in internet marketing via AdSense, which is an easy way to monetize the content your create. But there are other advertising networks out there. Some not as scrupulous as google some feeding shall we say the underbelly of the internet.  Some of these more shady network advertisers actually infect your system with malware, which Adsense does not allow. So if you here people complaining about been infected via adverts they where not watching YouTube they where more likely visiting other video sites with totally different ‘Content’ creators. Ahem, Pornhub!

So insteps Adblocker by Eyeo proclaiming to save you from the torrential downpour of ads over your lovely internets. Which obviously caused many people to gnash teeth because without commercials they don’t get paid! Then Eyeo altered Adblocker to allow certain advert though the system if they paid Eyeo directly. But now Eyeo are setting themselves up as an advertising network where they replace ads that go to paying the content creator and paying for the upkeep of the infrastructure of a service. To just giving money directly to Eyeo! So for example If you use adblocker on YouTube no money goes to pay for the storage, electricity, upkeep etc. That money just goes to a firm with no ties to YouTube what so ever, so using biology they are a parasite. So Adblocker is just another way to monetize the internet for the benefit of just Eyeo.

I can almost sense the rush of people who will un-install adblocker and find another program to do the same thing but without the adverts.

As a person who believes that paying for services like YouTube and supporting content creators via commercials is far better than having to pay upfront to subscribe I will not use adblocker or any other software. If you don’t want adverts to infect your computer, don’t trawl through websites like PornHub and don’t click on links that lead to external websites from the one your reading. Even web sites like New Scientist can lead to den’s of scum and villainy, be warned!

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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