Hello New British Tanks!

So the release of patch 3.3 “Typhoon” brought two new British tanks, the Centurion Action X and the Chieftain Mk 6, unfortunately I didn’t have enough xp to unlock the Chieftain, yet!!! But I had purchased the FV 4202 so I could get the free premium FV 4202(p) when they released the action X. I have been looking forward to getting my paws on the action X since it was released on the PC version.

I had a pretty good start to playing both the FV 4202 and Action X picking up the mastery badge on both tanks within a few matches. The top-tier British mediums all have the exact same play style, everything from the Comet upwards all make excellent ridge line fighters and make decent support tanks. The tier VI Cromwell has a stronger brawling style, which makes it a good active scout and harasser, but the flat front of the turret is easily penned.

The Centurion Action X is an improved version of the Centurion 7/1 and as I love the 7/1 with over 200k xp experience earned in this tank using the 105mm gun. The Action X gets the 105mm gun and as you would expect has slightly uprated DPM firing 7.28 rounds a minute compared to the 7/1 of 5.21 which boost the DPM from 2033 to 2837 on the Action X.

Getting prepared!

The aim time is slightly improved as well as other gun handling stats. On the 7/1 I only ever shot on the move at close range because of the longish reload for a medium rank and the times I tried to pull off the move it never seemed to make contact. To my great surprise I took a snap shot when I uncovered a scout camping a bush as I dived for cover and took the scout out at a range of  about 230m which due to the RNG nature could be a fluke, but since then ive been more willing to have a pop at enemies at medium ranges, and have been rewarded with a few hits. Which raises the question would smooth ride be a suitable skill to add to the crew! The hull is exactly the same for both tanks so getting Safe Storage will stop been ammo racked through the amazingly weak lower plate. But another improvement for the Action X is the turret, you gain an extra 40mm at certain points and has some good angling. Which is only improved if you use as much of your gun depression as possible. You want to be higher than your opponents because the turret roof and decks are easily penetrated, the back decks armour is just 10mm thick! So expect to have Artillery peppering you with their love if you get spotted!

Crew Skills

My British crews are the most trained of any nation, due to owning the Cromwell Knight for so long! The only other crew that has more than 3 skills is my Hellcat which is my favourite Tank destroyer! I have realised that my Action X does not have the repair skill, oops. This means that I’m having to burn repair kits more often because unless I get focused by autoloading artillery with the repair skill I can normally get out of harms way before the second shot. This is going to have to be remedied! When im training a British medium crew I generally follow  a generic learning profile.

Camouflage which gets swapped for sixth sense, then train camouflage again. once these are trained up I start on repair once that is at 100% it gets swapped for Brothers-in-Arms and repair goes back on to train. Then for the 7/1 I trained off clutch braking and once that was at 100% swapped that out for safe storage then went back to braking, this gives you that little extra help if you need to get around the back of a Maus while circle strafing.


The Action X is not a fast tank, its speed is comparable to a lot of heavies but thankfully faster than the super heavies! It’s speed is close to the German E-50M which is 8 tonnes heavier, But with its good ground resistances and HP/tonne it does make it quick off the start line even if it’s max speed isn’t all that great. The good reverse speed allows you to pull back from ridge line quickly after popping up to either spot enemies or fire a shot. The hull armour means that if you are bouncing shots from anything other than your turret it’s a nice surprise! Side scrapping is not an option for this tank and most British tanks above the Churchill 7 untill you get the FV 215b have weak sides. Towards the end of a match the good DPM of the Centurion can help overwhelm isolated enemies and with a shot into a drive wheel gives you the option of outrunning a turret and getting shots into the flank or weak rear armour.


Obviously function is the main consideration but the Action X is a very good-looking tank. It’s a great model, highly detailed and it honestly looks like the artists loved making it, it has so many little details. I’m hoping that the different camouflage’s look good on the model as well.


The Action X is a suitable pinacle to the British medium line, It holds no surprises once you get comfatable with the playstyle at tier VIII with the Centurion I each tank just refines this speciality. You are a ridge line fighter if you are forced into close combat you will take a beating, but if you choose to enter close combat with the good DPM you can punish isolated tanks. The accurate gun with good penetration is a joy to use, if you prefer more of a scaple to a sledge hammer, that why I probably dont enjoy the KV-2 which almost seems to be universally loved for the derp!

See you on the other side…


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