Base Campers!

Well since the 100 years events have been on in World of Tanks, the quality of play has nosed dived. I’ve started taking a lot closer look at my statistics not only in-game but also using other web sites. I understand that for all the Super Unicorns there has  to the equal but opposite, but even so…


Oh and I’m no super unicorn, I ain’t bad. I’m thinking about a follow up to my post based on statistics.

But some players you deliver them tanks on a plate to kill, but they cant even do that. The above picture taken less than 2 minutes into the game, I’ve spotted 4 out of the 6 ridge line warriers and ive killed 2 of them with only 1 shot in the form of assistance. One of those was a KV-2 that came down into the valley! Only 3 tanks left the base, the rest camped the base, even with a static defense and all those arrayed tanks defending the base, they still failed that one task. Yes mid-tiers, it might have been there first tank up to this level, or their first game with a new tank… okay okay I know.

In World of Tanks If you play enough matches you can eventually earn a top tier tank. No skill required! But I wouldn’t have thought players would actually do it. Using statistics if your Win rate is less than 40% that puts you in the bottom 1% of players. So to get that low a win rate you actually have to be a massive hinderance to you team. These players can and do play tier X battles. There is a player out there with 5k games played who owns at least 2 tier X’s and who’s most played tank is the Maus with an average damage of less than 250 and a win rate of 40.6%. I was playing with them, we where both in a Centurion Action X,  we rolled upto a ridge line together, he took one shot, doing more than his average damage then rolled down the hill and did nothing for the rest of the match. I mean nothing he sat in the open waiting to die.

Obvioulsy in my time I must have come across a player like that on the opporsite team and got myself a free kill. But this ‘player’ looking at there stats they must play like this in the majority of his/hers battles.

Is this person playing the game, or are they just gaming the system?

See you on the other side…


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