FV 4202(P)

Before the tier X British medium the FV4202 was replaced with the Centurion Action X I did manage to get a few games in the FV4202. It was enjoyable and had a great turret, I also enjoyed not having  a tank the size of a barn to be shot at! So the FV 4202 got moved to tier VIII and became premium and is now known as the FV 4202 (p). So how do I feel about this tank…

I’ve been hitting the FV 4202 hard over the weekend, because I’m hoping to earn the T95 centennial Chieftain so that’s going to need modules and I will also start working on the earning the Chieftain mark 6 which will cost a pretty penny and will also need modules. So it’s like I’m planning for my expenses or something! I’ve been playing this tank with both my Centurion 7/1 crew which is my most skilled team and also my new firefly crew who have no skills! It’s a shock playing a tank if you forget you don’t have sixth sense!

My money-making tank of choice has been the Tier VI British Cromwell Knight, but now it seems like I have a few choices thanks to World of Tanks console. Honestly as soon as I’ve got some spare cash I will be buying gold to make sure those developers get paid! My premium tanks now include the tier VIII T-54Motherland, AMX CdC and FV 4202 (p) and the Tier VII Tiger I ‘Hammer’ that’s 4 free premium tanks. They are not shoddy tanks, or all but useless tier II’s which are only good for seal clubbing! My other 2 premium tanks are the Matilda BP and my beloved Knight. I’m hoping to earn the centennial T95 so that will be 5 Free tanks.

Having premium tanks that you enjoy playing, that are not just purely there to grind out the means to buy new tanks, is really important to me, I HATE the notion that you have to grind. For me I think of the term GRIND as a repetitive task that you have to perform where you derive no pleasure from doing. The reward only comes once all the task has been completed. So for me playing the M3 Lee is a grind, I don’t enjoy playing it, the only pleasure I will get is unlocking the next tanks up the line! I don’t play it very often…

Playing the Knight for me is not a grind, I really love it’s play style or how I’ve tweaked it with equipment to how I want to play. I’ve earnt enough with the Knight that I have a few million of equipment on all the tanks I’m working through at the moment. All my tanks that I work through always get Camo, Bino and toolkit, because these modules can be removed and sold without costing gold, so why not give all my tanks that extra little boost. Which if I hadn’t enjoyed razzing around in my Knight I would never have done!

FV 4202(p)

So with the scene setting out-of-the-way and giving a framework of whats important to me in looking for a premium tank! The British tier VIII medium is the Centurion I which is the second of the ridge line fighters that you unlock and this tank sets the scene for the top-tier medium tanks in regards to the hull. So I will be comparing the FV 4202 to the Centurion I to give some cold hard figures.


As with any tank in the game, you can play any role you want in it, should you is a decision only you can make. Sometimes you have  to fill the breach and play other roles either because other players don’t fulfill their role or there is no one left. You know that ‘type’ of player who thinks that a KV-2 makes a perfect Tank destroyer when they are top-tier ‘defending’ the base!

The FV 4202 is perfect for sitting on the back of a ridge, hull down just exposing the turret, supporting other tanks. Though you might think you play it like a TD this is not the way to best utilise this tank. Generally you’re more mobile than a TD, faster and better at turning. Giving you the flexibility of firing and maneuvering, poking over ridges spotting enemies and hopefully out-flanking and getting shots into the weak side armour of heavy tanks. You don’t want to be facing a heavy tank face to face. FV 4202 has a slightly better turret armour than the Centurion I but also weaker hull armour, not that the Centurion has much armour to start with! According to the blurb in-game the FV 4202 comes with OQF 20 pounder type B barrel, but the stats tell me that it is exactly the same as the type A barrel on the Centurion I. If this had got the type ‘b’ barrel you get on the 7/1 it would have been gloriously OP. The 20 pounder is great with accurate fire it as a low alpha strike and lowish DPM but does have good penetration. For me even though I carry Premium on my tank, I don’t use those rounds, maybe I should and improve my performance! But the FV 4202(p) is a tank that you use to earn silver, so if you are a premium ammo user, the good penetration will mean you wont have to pay so much out to play. But if you come across a German super heavy you will have to spam gold to get through their armour. The Centurions are BIG tanks, the size of many heavies, another benefit of the FV 4202 is its lower profile than can’t be under estimated.

Crew Skills.

With this been a premium tank it’s very unlikely you will have a dedicated crew. As the top-tier medium heavies have the same play-style the skill choices are easy. Sixth sense, camo, repair, BIA, clutch breaking, situational awareness, recon, safe stowage, off-road driving all make great choices.


She’s another good-looking tank, I might be (a bit) biased slightly been English but she looks good. She’s another tank I want to apply camo to, if your going to apply camo to your tanks put them on your premiums which you will be using a lot.


So my results from highway, I avoided the city. Moved up the west flank from the southern spawn. Used the ridge line and my good view range to spot enemy tanks, once our scout had driven down the hill and committed suicide! Never under-estimate the value of spotting for your team. After sweeping down the flank, I drove into the valley and spotted the camping tanks on the ridge line and between myself and artillery deleted them. As the heavies in the Town had lost the over-match and the enemy was pushing on the base I turned around and headed back up the hill to defend the base. Using them good ground resistances getting back in time to punish the extremely blind heavies who couldn’t see me as I chipped away at their health as they sat in my cap circle then decided to rush me.


For me and my love of the British medium tank line, this is a perfect tank. Play to the tanks strengths and it can be devastating, but get caught out of position or accidentally expose your weak lower glacis or side armour and you will be punished. Your hull armour will not save you even against bottom tiers even if your top-tier. The rate of fire can punish tanks caught in the open, but because the low alpha can mean exposing yourself for a long time to return fire.

See you on the other side…


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