T95 Centennial in the bag!

Wargaming console marked the 100 years since the first tank was used on a battlefield, by having a British Mark I tank battle across the trenches of northern France. They also linked it with earning the Chieftain centennial/T95. As with previous Tier VIII premium tanks that where earnable, once you had got the tank there was a x2 crew training bonus.

Wargaming console have been rather excellent over the last few months, dishing out a number of tier VII/VIII premium tanks and releasing the Chieftain Mark 6 British heavy tank before the PC. Which has caused a lot of salt to be shed by WoT PC players and console also got to play in a mark I tank where as the PC got to drive around in an armoured car protecting a Mark I tank! As I am a card-carrying member of #PcMasterRace I did feel a little sorry for the PC players, they did get short-changed, but after reading the comments regarding the console getting the mark I and Chieftain ive changed my mind. I’m feeling more South Park -“Screw you guys…” as Cartman says.

I unlocked the Centennial tank on Saturday night, but didn’t  even have a game, it was late I packed myself off to bed. Saving the new tank feeling till Sunday. I seem to have a lot of British crews and only one spare slot, but I have plans!!! While playing on Sunday it felt like fewer people had earned the Centennial than either the T-54 “Motherland”, there where swarms of those things when the tank was first released, you would get into games where you where lucky if there where some none T-54’s in the team. The AMX CdC still a popular tank did not have the swarms. The Tiger “Hammer” was very popular getting into the relevant match you would often find 5 or 6 of them milling around. As Sunday progressed I did not see a marked increase in the number of Centennials been driven. The T-54 could have been the most popular because Russian and also the fact that it was the first free premium.

The lack of excitement for the centennial could have been because of the recent giveaway of the FV 4202(p) if you had earned the tier X previously. So the people who ground out the Centennial would  have been the collectors (the ones who didn’t buy it from the store.) The British tank fans like myself, who couldn’t let a premium British tank slide… It was an easy tank to earn due to the way playing the Mark I tank gave you a bonus to the points earned. If you where in the top 3 damage dealers in you team you earnt a bonus that gave you a random points worth 1-20 when you played a normal battle. So for a win you could earn between 2 and 21 points, which could quickly earn you the necessary 100 points. The progression was time gated to cover just less than 2 weeks, but with both weekends running the Mark I event it made it an easy target, earning the CDC was more difficult.

I will be doing a review of the T95/Centennial at some point, but I don’t feel the one day of driving I’ve had so far enough to make a valid commentary. But the first thing I noticed was that it felt like the whole tank was made out of ammo racks. Even with safe stowage perk, I still seem to be ammo racked far to often for my liking! But when not been ammo racked it does seem to bounce more than the FV 4202(p)  the handling is as you would expect a tier VIII British Medium, It’s not very fast but feels like it has good acceleration. The gun depression is excellent, which you will want to use as much as possible as the commanders cupola sticks out and is an obvious target! I’ve earned 3 perks so far:- Sixth Sense, Safe Stowage and Brothers in Arms and I’m working on the Camo skill. I’ve now used up all my crew experience bonus’, but was worth it to earn three perks in one day, it’s a shame I didn’t have any premium time…

.See you on the other side…


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