Centennial Chieftain

Do I like the Centennial Chieftain, Yes because it plays just like a high tier British medium. Well that was a quick review… Bye!

Oh, you’re still here, you want more…. okay I shall see what I can do!

The Centennial as the name suggests was part of an operation to commemorate the 100 years since a tank was first used in battle. The British lines had been missing a high tier premium tank, we now have two, the FV 4202(p) and Centennial Chieftain/T95. The FV 4202(p) and Chieftain/T95 are both medium tanks at tier VIII. When I earned the Chieftain/T95 it came with a 100% crew and I used this crew because of the x2 crew experience bonus, I seem to have a  lot of British crews at the moment and only have one premium without a crew, so it does mean some swapping about to try the tank out with a low skill crew and with a well-trained crew (my Centurion 7/1.)

I’m planning on using this crew when I finally unlock the chieftain mk 6 heavy tank I need just over 100k xp. This was going to influence the skills I learned as I trained up my crew, but other factors came into play. Premium tanks are not supposed to have incumbent crews in them and are generally used to earn silver and train crews. Once you play a few games in the tank you realise very quickly that the front hull seems to be made out of ammo racks. You take ammo rack damage from the front and can take rack damage with shots near the drive wheel. I was burning though repair kits like you wouldn’t believe. But as the top-tier British tanks all suffer with been able to be ammo racked through the front hull you get used to it. The second perk I got was safe storage, the first been  sixth sense, because it’s always better to not be shot at than take the hit and hope for good RNG!  The third perk I picked up was Brothers in Arms for the general boosts to the tank and now im going to work on skills the first been camouflage then it will be repairs and hopefully by that time I will have the chieftain mk 6.

How does the Chieftain/T95 play? Just like a Centurion Mk I, though it does have slightly higher damage, which is always handy, but also losses a little penetration. The Chieftain/T95 looses 20mm pentration and gains 10 average damage You want to get the tank hull down and support other tanks, use the excellent gun depression on the back of ridges. Punish the enemy with the fast firing and accurate 90mm gun from the T95 turret, but don’t stay in harm’s way, pull back and relocate between shots. In yesterdays post I linked a video that the second part shows how to use the Chieftain/T95 on the back of a ridge.

I installed a medium tank gun rammer, vents and Gun laying drive, I knew I was keeping this tank, so it got the good stuff not my normal Bino’s, repair kit and camouflage net load out.  The tank held no real surprises other than the ease it got ammo racked but probably just means I’ve not driven a British tank without safe storage on the crew since I unlocked  the Centurion Mk I.

See you on the other side…


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