The first casualty of war…

Over the past week, I’ve actually platooned up and played some world of tanks. Which up untill this point ive been a complete single player. This has been really interesting and Ive learnt a lot, so lets go down this rabbit hole…

If you have read any posts that I have written about World of Tanks you will notice that I have a certain playstyle and I drive certain tanks. If you havn’t read any of my other posts I will spell it out for you, I like British Medium and Heavy tanks, my favourite tanks are the premium Tier VI Cromwell Knight and the Tier IX Centurion 7/1. So either I like these tanks because they match my playstyle or my playstyle has matched my tanks. If you play aggressively in these tanks unless you are very lucky you will quickly find yourself back in your garage. With the Centurion, Chieftain/T95 and the FV 4202 they work as support tanks not as the tip of the spear. I’m not saying you can’t be aggressive but you need to understand when and how to unleash…

The guy I’ve been platooning up with has a different style of play, which has been interesting to see in action. The guy who I’ve been playing with  does have a few more games than me but also has better stats and a wider selection of tanks, mainly due to me playing so many matches in my Cromwell Knight. He is a fan of Russian heavies and as my Russian tank experience is stuck at the T-34 and the KV-1, KV-1S and the infamous KV-2. Playing with someone else has altered my playstyle, which has been interesting  but ive noticed that I was not getting any of my really good games.

Has the aggressive tendancies altered my gameplay, am I feeling some untold pressure to perform. Or maybe because I play as a support tank and am not on the front line I feel a need to validate myself by been closer to the front than I would normally be unless sat on the back of a ridge. Could the competative edge be affecting my playstyle by tapping into the males need to take risks and be seen to win. Interesting, very interesting.

See you on the other side…


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