Skyrim: Quad core master race only?!

With the upgraded Skyrim recently going gold as announced on Bethesda’s twitter account, they have just released the specs for the game. Brace yourselves…

Skyrim Special Edition is set to release 28th October 2016 for PC, PS4 and XBox One. For the latest generation of consoles it is going to be a full price release, but if you own the original and all paid DLC you get the upgrade for free. Which includes me which makes me very happy!

Fallout 4 was built on the same engine as Skyrim but with a number of tweaks to improve the visuals, which is why it was not released on the previous generation of consoles (PS3/XBox 360.)  For example the World of Tanks for the Xbox is slightly limited on map size due to having to be functional on both the XB360 and the XBOne. The same way that Destiny is held back by having to function on last generation consoles as well. Destiny 2 is very unlikely to be held back by having to deal with the limitations of older technology. The engine has been tweaked to give a major boost to the graphics for the present generation of consoles delivering both HDR and 4k, the PC has obviously had a high resolution texture pack as a free download and aslo has had full 4k textures via mods. The special edition does not bring any new content to the game just improved graphics. This is probably the reason why it has been released for free on the PC. Obviously all the new shiny comes at a price for the PC player that price is needing a quad core CPU of at least i5 750 and at least a HD 7870 2GB/GTX 470 1GB thats minimum spec, for recommended you need to go for a R9 290 with 4gb or a GTX 780 3gb.

Just another reason to upgrade my R9 280X to something with more grunt and more shiny, time to go vegetarian until I can afford an RX 480, maybe…

See you on the other side…


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