Prestigio MUZE D3

My first mobile phone was an Ericsson GA318 my Girlfriend at the time thought it was hilarious to change the language to Swedish or a language that had no common origin to English. For years my Mum joked that my mobile was a safety blanket as I carried it everywhere with me, I reminded her of this when she eventually got a mobile. Recently my mobile died, it was working when I went to sleep, but was dead when I woke. So getting a new mobile…

*** I bought this phone with my own money, this is NOT a paid review***

I had to go two weeks without a mobile, my phone died just as I had paid all my bills, I could have afforded an extremely cheap phone, but then I wouldn’t have been able to go and do anything… not even afford a coffee. But the two-week gap did allow me to shop around. My phone history Ericsson GA318, Nokia 3310, Nokia N95, Sony Erricson W660i Walkman, Samsung S2, Samsung S3 Mini, Samsung S4. As most people who owned the Nokia 3310 will say it was the best mobile they have ever owned, huge battery life and snake what more did you need from a phone. My least favourite phones where the N95 and the W660i these phones did just not gel well with me, oh I liked them at the time, but there was no love there.

The Samsung S2 was my first smart phone and I stuck with the Samsung brand for my next few phones I got used to the Samsung Android eco-system. I have liked all the Samsung phones I’ve owned, it is unfortunate that Samsung’s brand image has been tarnished by the problem they have had with their battery’s. The reason I didn’t go for another Samsung phone was cost, I would like a top of the range phone but my budget is more beer than champagne(at the moment I’m not even living a cava lifestyle!) I looked around all the second-hand stores, but nothing leaped out at me as good value for money.


I had never heard of Prestigio, so taking a risk on buying an unknown brand gives you some cause for concern. But, I offset that by buying the phone from an outlet I trusted, the place where I buy my computer equipment of Bolton, Lancashire. So what was I looking for in a new phone, 1gb memory was a must. A phone can be really hamstrung if it does not have enough memory no matter how large the internal storage or the speed of the processor. The other thing I wanted was at least a 5mp camera, this was not really a problem when I started researching various options. Though the memory option did generally double the price of the phones I was looking at!

So what is the Prestigio Muze D3?

The D3 I chose costs about £88 and if I had spent an extra  £20 I could have gone for an octo-core and a 4g phone, the tech geek in me wanted the extra shiny, but I would not really use it so I didn’t move up to the higher tier phone. So what did I get for my £88.

  • 1.3ghz Quad core processor
  • 1GB Ram
  • 8gb Storage
  • 13MP camera (5.0MP Front camera)
  • 7210X1280 IPS display
  • 2500mAh Battery

Recently a friend bought a cheap phone from China, ignored all advice and ended up with a real stinker! So although the specs of my phone where across the board better, not by much but enough to make a difference. So in order I found most enjoyable; the battery is excellent the way it’s used is good as well. I found on the Samsung’s that the battery would stay above 40% for ages than once below 40% it seemed to vanish. the D3 does not seem to have odd values when it comes to battery usage and by using McAffe virus protection I have a fair idea of how long I’ve got left. The battery will last a full day if you are not continually using the wifi or data. It gives enough charge for the phone to be on all day including using data for an hour to work, an hour at lunch and the return trip home. The display is excellent, I generally don’t like to have the brightness very high on my phone, the D3 is still very vibrant. When the phone is in portrait mode you get a full 720p display which is great for watching normal YouTube content at either 720 or downsized 1080. The screen is extremely touch sensitive even non-conductive items will activate it, for example USB cables or headphone cables. I often have the phone plugged into my laptop charging while at the Cafe where I do most of my work and I’m normally listening to music and I have to do a little cable management or my music keeps skipping as a cable touches the screen! The phone does not come with headphones, but then you are not paying a premium for this product. The internal speaker at the base of the phone is remarkably good giving a clear well-distributed sound, which I was surprised at the quality The camera gives a nice sharp picture, although I have not played around with it too much at the moment. The internal storage of 8Gb is mainly used by the phone, fresh from the factory you have barely over 2gb to play with, it does have a slot for a micro SD card if you need more storage. There are a few games pre-installed, deleting these can free up a few hundred Mb. Another feature of the phone that could interest you in getting this phone is the dual sim ability, useful for traveling/holidays. Buying a cheap pay-as-you-go sim and using it while abroad.


I showed my friend who had bought a cheap chinese phone and his review of the D3 was “It looks legit.” Which is a fair comment, It does look like a generic Android phone with just a hint of brushed aluminium to give it a quality look and feel. When you look at the phone there are enough similarities between the design of this phone and other products that you can almost see components just been siphoned off the line of larger more well-known brand. It can be just little details that make the phone look really good and what holds the phone together both literally and figuratively is the brushed aluminium edging and buttons, with well machined holes for speakers and mics. The back of the phone reminds me of small mesh glass fibre, but is far more flexible. The Muze D3 that I bought is white, I am so used to my phones been black or grey/metal that I was not sure if I’d be happy with the colour, as my friends cheap phone is white but his is just all plastic construction. The look of quality of the phone means that you will not feel embarrassed about  getting the phone out in society. Or throwing onto the middle of the table in a pub as you sit round putting the world to rights or catching up with the weekends shenanigans. When I first got the phone I was moving from an S3 Mini which is a phone that easily fits into the palm of your hand the D3 is 5.3″ phone which moves the phone from easy 1 handed use been able to access the whole screen with just your thumb to two-handed use. I am over 184 cm/6 foot and I don’t have dainty hands either but I still feel the need to hold/stabilize the phone in one and hand and use my other hand for navigation of the screen, my thumb will only access about 2/3rds of the screen . I can’t unlock the screen one-handed comfortably, you either have a secure grip on the phone or you balance to extend your thumb. I do use a pattern to unlock my phone so this is part personal choice. This is not a small phone so if you are happy to have such a large phone this could be an ideal phone for you.


This is a well designed and very well specced phone at a great price. I’m really happy with this purchase and have no regrets that I can’t afford a premium £400-£500 phone. This phone does not break any new ground like more expensive phones. It is using off the shelf technology so no expensive R&D to cover. It looks like a quality product and functions like a quality product. If you need a new phone but don’t want to be tied into a 24 month contract by upgrading via your service provider, this phone will satisfy you tech needs!

See you on the other side…


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