Red Dead 2

I am not going to lie, RED DEAD 2!!!! Whoot! Ahem.

So Red Dead 2, Autumn 2017, I’m excited. Even if they had only announced a HD remaster for current generation or it been ported to PC, I would have been stoked. But this is a full new game, but only for XBone and PS4, Boo!!! I think if they had announced Red Dead Redemption for the PC you might have heard the screams of joy around the world… It’s a great game, set in a time period mainly ignored by games. Which is odd seen as older media’s have covered that time period in many ways. From what I will always think of as ‘Cowboy and Indian’ films that seemed to be a staple of Sunday afternoon programming for TV channels in the 80’s/90’s to the big film classics, even the more tongue in cheek films like Young Guns or Maverick. I understand that a lot of these old films are not seen as PC in the way they portray Native Americans, to be honest who watches a Hollywood film for historical accuracy. If you did you would think America won the Second World War singlehandedly, amirite!

I am disappointed that Red Dead wont be coming to PC at release but I’m hoping that they will eventually work on a PC version. GTA for the PC was released 18 months after the console release. So there is still hope.

Red Dead 2 is going to be a hyped title, it is going to be a much-anticipated title I think the only thing that could possibly over shadow it is if Valve announced HL!!! I will be following this development very closely, but even now I don’t want to be suckered into the hype. I think a lot of gamers will be wary as they should be about announcements like these, even from big studios like Rockstar who have a good track record on delivering great games!

Lets all hope that Rockstar deliver!!

See you on the other side…


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