Elite: Dangerous, Trying something new!

The thing about big MMO’s is there is always something new to try, I loved playing EVE as a manufacturer, producing everything from missiles to Capital ships and all the logistics than involved, I still miss that. There was a lot I never got around to trying in New Eden although in my last year of play I did broaden my horizons…

I moved from just running missions in hi-sec or manufacturing and mining, I expanded to faction warfare (PvP), Stealth Bombing in null sec (PvP), manufacturing in Low sec, incursion running (raids.)  I really enjoyed that move… to something new. In World of Tanks I’ve just started regularly platoon up and talking on voice coms, which changes how you play. I’m going to even progress up a line of tanks that I wouldn’t normally go up as we are going to progress together. Interaction in a multiplayer game who would have guessed.

So Elite:Dangerous, though I have a PC that can play this game now, I don’t have a suitable device aka a HOTAS, I’m just not enjoying using the Xbox controller, Using the Xbox controller on the Xbox is a JOY. Frontier have done an amazing job mapping so many functions to so few buttons!!! Combing that with the fact that I like to play slowly and at my own pace and ive got a shiny python (it’s almost stock but it’s got a nice red colour scheme and is my mining ship) I’m still playing on my Xbox.

Python mining

Over the last week, I’ve had a few sessions of relaxing mining. I’ve done some mission running, looking for modular terminals, once these where earned I spent them at Martok and upgraded the FSD on both my Cobra Mk III and my AspX. I took my AspX out for a spin did a few 1000ly journey just to test her out. Found myself at Ceos so loaded up with 2 missions and headed back to the bubble earning 9 million, which for me is big bucks.

I decided to try something new… I am going to diversify the type of missions I will do. I roleplay my Commander/Me, he is a well-behaved traveller. I try very had to only do legal things my 2 black market transactions where accidental when I picked up cargo from a signal source. I’m the same in the Elder Scrolls games, I default to a Good character. I have  been working at been amoral, like my present play through of Skyrim, I started on the Assassins guild quests, murdering across Skyrim… Next on the list will be the Thieves guild. A lot of the missions other than the cargo missions are illegal, gaining you fines/bounty…

So I’m actually limiting what I can do. I’ve paid to play the game and part of the game is off-limits because of the moral decisions I enforce. But I still think trading Slaves is not something I could condone, ever! But I’m a struggling pilot, would I take the quick buck…

So I’m going to lower myself slowly into the more murky world just like it’s a hot bath… Opening new Horizons for me to play  in, i’ve dabbled in power play but I’m not ready for that again. I don’t have the credits to afford a PvP habit and CQC seems to be empty.

I want to try new things out, but I don’t want to feel like it’s cheating… Even though I have done the Ceos/Sothis run a few times, each run has given me about 10 mil because I do it in my AspX and I have limited cargo capacity. It’s normally done as part of an exploration trip I take a rare good out to Ceos, do an exploration loop returning to Ceos to sell the data and then load up on long distance transport mission’s and head back to the bubble. So in my next gaming session I plan on looking for a mission type I’ve not done yet and having a go at that. I’m a little limited on what I can do for example I don’t have a dedicated combat ship at the moment. The closest I have is my Multi-role Cobra Mk III, I dont have enough to fit out a Vulture either.

Community Goals

Over the weekend I did my first community goal, the only reason I got involved with it, was because I noticed it was less than 300LY away. I did a run delivering 72 tonne of pesticides, which gave me a bonus of about 5 million when the CG finished. I also Travelled to Waldo Dock because of the other CG running. I went specifically to this CG because it was to commemorate a CMDR’s Grandfather, so I loaded up with fish or coffee and did a few runs to show my support. On my last run, I did get chased 6000LS across the system by a very dedicated pirate. I’m glad I got a clean drive mod to give me that extra little bit of speed as I pull the RLSG maneuver (Run Like a Screaming Girl!) more commonly known as the Sir Robin. On Sunday it came to my attention that certain commanders where interdicting players as they docked with Waldo Dock. The telling thing is they where not interdicting the other community goal that was about 300 LY away. They can justify there reasons for interdiciting this community goal as much as they want, but they will just force people into solo play. The Player Pirates(PP) complain that there are so few people in open playing but when they pull moves like this it does not want people to be involved in the open play. I generally play in open, but not always if i’m having a bad day etc. I’ve had some good interactions with PP mainly cause I’ve managed to turn and burn and make a good escape, but the excitement of been chased across a star system is amazing!! Everyone who plays in open is not a PP and the chance of meeting another ‘normal’ player and getting into a wing is so much fun then hunting wanted NPC’s together in an extraction site or conflict zone!

Once Guardians comes out I can look forward to more ground exploration and find some geysers and crystal tree’s etc. But till then, which is not long, I will try something new!

See you on the other side…


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