E:D 2.2 “The Guardians”

Frontier released patch 2.2 on the 25th october, which caused much excitement. Well for me any way! My play style does not involve diving feet first into all the new stuff… Well not in this game, anyway… So what have I come across last night?

I patched both my Xbox and PC last night, but only got to play on my Xbox. If you take a look at the patch notes it’s more like War and Peace than a simple update. So much has been added tweaked, nerfed or iterated. Once you log in the most noticeable change is the  UI change in the stations, frontier has made commonly used items easy to access and reducing the need to dive down through the menu’s. More of the screen is used and has less ‘wasted’ space. It might take a few game sessions to get used to it, but I cant see anyone having a problem with the re-design. If you are docked at an Orbis station, you will automatically know what type of economy you are at by the interior design. The tech interior is bright, clean and well manicured, on the other hand an agricultural reminds me of a mix between the green glow of a Borg Cube and the Mothership from Independence Day. The agricultural station has a lot of haze/fog that makes it almost seedy, but gives the station character, bringing them more in line with the diverse options displayed in the  orbital platforms. This does not alter play but is a nice way to diversify the game, it’s an immersive feature much like the ‘traffic’ control giving docking information and your individual call sign.

One of the major changes for patch 2.2 is the addition of passenger missions, these missions have been much-anticipated by a large section of the player base. Passenger transport missions where not in the original Elite but were introduced in ‘Elite II’ these missions where very simple take X number of passengers to place Y as long as you had enough cabin space. In E:D it’s more complicated, there are different qualities of cabin’s different passengers with different needs, simple passenger transport or site seeing ferrying criminals, tourists  etc. Some passengers wont mind coming under fire for example the criminals but luxury passengers expect a safe journey etc. At the moment this is not something I am likely to get involved in but it is looking very lucrative.

Long distance cargo runs have been nerfed, for many the Ceos/Sothis run became a major way to earn large amount of credits very quickly. Once you had a tricked out Python/Anaconda you could make by stacking missions that made you jump the 300 LY back to the bubble, these paid well and with a large cargo hold you income could be 100 million an hour. I have done the run a few times but only in my AspX so my income was about 10 million a trip, these runs where normally attached to a mini exploration lap around the galactic neighbourhood. Reports in from some people are saying that you are only getting about 20% of the previous earnings. I was tempted to do a few runs before the patch just to increase my funds, I am eager to upgrade my Python. At present my Python is almost stock, just fitted for mining as it is not even close to been combat ready. I could have used an easy injection of cash to buy new shiny modules. Since the patch I have noticed that all the missions I normally run have been paying out a lot less. Both data and cargo transport missions have been hit hard. Now this could be rectified automatically as the background simulation irons out any of the wrinkles caused by the altering of some base variables related to long distance haulage. At present for me it’s not  viable to spend time doing missions for 10k credits unless you manage to fill your hold with cargo for the run as well. Some of the missions are of zero value only paying commodities or materials, for me it could mean that these missions will only be worth picking up if it’s for materials (Firmware) or commodities when I know I need them for the engineers. The more illegal missions don’t seem to be touched they are still paying out nicely, after my last post I have been dabbling with skimmer kill missions. I didn’t notice untill after I’d finished playing and started to read the patch notes, that some of the skimmer mission bases have been updated. when doing one of the rare skimmer missions I picked up last night, I failed to notice a parked system vessel, as I started to take shots at the skimmers to my horror the ship rose up aimed its laser cannons at me and start chewing through my shields. I hastily spun round and pulled a ‘RLSG’ manoeuver out of the planet’s gravity well then I high waked away as soon as I could.  My own fault will have to pay more attention to the missions base and keep an eye out for great big space craft landed next to my mission objectives. I also noticed that the bug where the skimmer’s still don’t spawn in a mission is still not been squashed, which is a great PIA!

In the patch notes there are also some special hidden things, which the community reads as more pointers towards meeting the ‘others’ that inhabit the galaxy. Which is always exciting and no doubt Cannon Research will be hunting for these clues, in space and on planets. As I love driving the SRV I am looking forward to getting down to the surface and hunting for geysers and the crystal trees etc.

The name of the patch is “The Guardians” which most of the community believes that this refers to the ship launched fighters that can be piloted by NPC’s. there are other theories, but that’s what the public forums are for… The Ship launched fighters is also something I don’t have any plans to get involved with yet and have only seen them used on a live stream last night.

So much to play with… Go on read all the patch notes, honestly “War and Peace.”

See you on the other side…


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