World of Tanks

Got to catch them all…

New tanks added to the garage, having to balance new tanks by dumping old ones, the one’s I’m just not enjoying playing!

Over the last week I’ve been working on earning the Lycan american tier VII Premium tank, I needed this to give my american crews a decent place to train. I did leave it very close to the wire, next time i had better manage my time better and not have to have a late night gaming session. While working toward the Lycan i had a lot of matches in my Conquerer, got to earn that Chieftain.


Another Tier X to add to the stable.

I’ve been excited to own this tank from as soon as it was announced that it was coming to Console. I’ve had seven games in it and lost 7 matches so the shine has gone off the tank, I seem to be amazingly unlucky in the games, been ammo racked twice even though i have safe storage and also got nuked by artillery twice. The fire rate is really good, but it seems to not like punching through IS-7 hulls, turrets or lower plates. I was not having any good games, I had to stop playing! Decided to play my Cromwell Knight to cheer me up, got one shot by arty on the move… When RNG tells you these things it’s time to stop playing. Which is a shame because I haad won 7 days premium, which I’m hoping to use, I’m getting close to earning 1.5 mill xp in the knight. I’ve nearly earned enough xp that I shall soon™ feel confident to write a comprehensive review.

This weekend the Lycan is playable in the halloween event, whcih earns you double xp and either a trick (1silver) or a treat some equipment/silver. I put optics, vents and vert stabs on the tanks, with the idea of playing an active scout. The luchs and chaffee I have both setup as passive scouts so it was time to try something different with this one.

I have been getting some more platooning done, which is nice. Though one night was a bit of a grind one guy would only play artillery, so every match had arty in it… which can be draning after a while. C’est la Vie!

Hopefully tomorrow RNG will have reset and I won’t be so unlucky.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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