E:D – Missions 2.2

With patch 2.2 “The Guardian’s” Frontier have altered the pay out structure for a some of the mission’s. This directly effects my playstyle, but I think what they have done makes sense…

Frontier ‘Nerfed’ two types of mission; Cargo and Data, the difference between them is that the cargo missions are limited to the size of your hold and data only limit is the amount of missions you can take. This nerf was aimed at the long distance hauling missions for example Ceos and Sothis, which have been paying out vast amounts of cash. I bet many players funded their Anaconda’s/ Corvette’s entirely by this method. The Ceos and Sothis runs where also a good way of earning super power rep to allow you to acquire those faction ships.  This easy way of making money was seen as a bad thing by many on the forums, which I agree with.

From percentages thrown around the nerf to earnings on cargo and data transport was about 80%. This reduced some missions to a few thousand credits, people have mentioned zero credits missions where you only gain materials/ commodities for the engineers. When playing E:D I’m normally in either my Cobra or AspX both multi-role ships and I partake in these delivery missions. I have done the Ceos/Sothis run a few times in my AspX but mainly ran missions in the region galactic south from Sol. I do own a mining Python and I’ve noticed that these missions have not been touched so it can be very lucrative filling the hold. The payments of these delivery missions now that I’ve reached a certain level are not an efficient  way for me to earn credits. But if I was just starting off they would still be  viable and an easy way to start off earning money.


The cargo and data delivery missions are low risk and are now low reward, before they where high reward. The missions where giving a bigger payout than what you could earn by running the cargo yourself. Other mission’s on the board are still better paid, for example assassinate missions/ skimmer missions so there is progression with the board. But the new cash cow are the passenger delivery missions, these are an iteration of cargo missions. Except now you have to keep your cargo happy, each group of passengers will have different needs and requirements that you need to meet to make sure they pay up at the end of the mission.


Well I’ve just found out that the low paying mission payouts are a bug, not a feature!


As of yet I have not got round to running any passenger delivery missions, the money I’ve been making has been put into A-rating my Python. But as A-rating the ship is not a cheap proposition, I have been running skimmer destroy missions in my 2nd Cobra… Yes, I own two of these ships now, it’s a shame I only have 1 paint job for the Cobra… What I have been doing is running data and cargo delivery to the local systems and stacking up the skimmer missions as they have appeared! After an hour or so, I had acquired about 15  such missions that paid out about 20 million credits. I do have a problem running them, the missions expect you to destroy a number of skimmers, if this is 3 you’re okay but any other number means you have to instance swap. Missions can ask for 3, 6, 9 or 12 skimmers to be destroyed that’s a lot of instance hopping and not something I feel comfortable with.  Though I have now been playing for over 10 months on the Xbox I feel I can say that I have not ‘Gamed’ the system, I don’t really have to justify myself.  I could have continued my slow crawl towards A-rating the Python, I was earning money and enjoying myself and had these balanced wonderfully, even after the nerf I still had a lot of well-paying missions been offered, generally my mining ops.

But I was on a quest to try out new/different missions and I was seduced, but I now have all the core modules a-rated, including the shield generator. I don’t have a need for a huge chunk of change, so until the mission type is fixed I will not be engaging in these lucrative missions, also I’m not sure I like the bounty on my head!

Python hanger

No longer red because she is no longer a mining ship!

In Elite there are always so many options for earning credits, I’m looking forward to my next exploration trip I want to find myself some geysers/fumaroles and the new fungus/tree things. I still have not been on a pilgrimage to Sol or I might go and throw my self into Colonia expansion. Might go and visit some ruins, that could be from an alien race. I’ve barely touched the engineers only unlocking the FSD’s to level 4, I’ve not even got as far as unlocking Tod ‘The Blaster’ McQuin. Or I could get myself some combat experience either hunting pirates at resource extraction sites, which will probably be the easiest so I can build up a little cash to round out my Python build. I’d also like to do something with other Commanders, as I’ve regularly been platooning up on World of Tanks, I could maybe get together with other players for some shooting of the lawless. The possibilities…

Nice driving

With all that still to do after 10 months of playing, I’m still excited for whats to come. I was reading the comments in a YouTube video actually complaining that the ‘delay’ in the Thargoid was ‘F@$king annoying.’ Now that person is entitled to their opionion and also broadcast it on media. But I disagree with them entirely, I love the slowly evolving story, for me it makes E:D a very special game. I casually play Star Trek Online and they are a more standard MMO with everything been laid out for players, with no real chance to explore. When I can get around to been able to afford a HOTAS I will get to replay all the content I’ve already played on the PC, I am not dreading it or thinking of it as a grind. I will probably take the easier option and accelerate my progression to a point where I’m level with my XBox character. But that wont be until after Christmas at the earliest, unless you know someone who will buy a kidney.  So no matter how Frontier decide to alter the payouts of the short-range missions there will always be something lucrative to do, which does not mean I will do it, I’m happy just wandering through the stars avoiding cooking in the Coronasphere of stars or Litho-braking on planets.

So much to do.

See you on the other side…


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