Fire all the missiles!

Missiles in the original Elite/Elite II where a secondary weapon, they where of limited number but did not subtract from your main weapon. In Elite: Dangerous if you fit missiles they can remove from your DPS. I have not really played with missiles in ED but I’ve got to say, that like many things in E:D the sounds they make are pretty cool!!!

On my previous post I talked about trying new things out in E:D, so here it is. A new mission type that isn’t exactly legal! Blowing up skimmers. I’ve ‘accidentally’ blown up skimmers while exploring planets that have given me a bounty. The accidental part was that they gave me a bounty! I think the biggest thing I’ve learnt from this type of mission is don’t try to land at stations in the same system that you are blowing up skimmers, they really don’t like it! I lost a ship…. Probably cause I don’t understand the fines/bounty mechanic, my fault.

I didn’t realise that you could destroy skimmers from the air, I thought you had to land and engage them from your SRV! But that is not the case, which led to me experimenting.


For a minimal investment, I bought a sidewinder fitted 2 Dumb-fire missile launchers and looked for skimmer kill missions. I managed to pick up 2 to the same place, set off to kill them, zoom, to the system next door, take out the skimmers at the 2 bases fly back, and make a profit even though I’d just bought a new sidewinder. Nice. As I was running these missions in a new area I didn’t have any rep with the locals, so I wanted to keep running missions to improve my rep. I took  a few data delivery missions, one been to the system I had blown up a few skimmers in, I got scanned then immediately deleted.. oops! After that little mistake, I didn’t take any more data delivery mission to that system. The kill skimmer missions are very lucrative, enough for me to decide to upgrade my missile boat to a Cobra Mk III, so I could take other missions delivering cargo/data while I waited for the skimmer mission to appear. I could have just fitted Missile launchers to my AspX, you know make it a multi-role ship, but my AspX is set up for exploring/long distance cargo missions and not really set up for taking fire in a mission! I Didn’t want to upgrade the shields, because you gain a bounty and you get hunted both in the system and just generally traveling around!

Initial payouts on missions start off at around 250 000 credits but once you reach allied can rake in  over 3 million a mission. For me  this makes it more profitable than the Ceos/Sothis run but then I was not very efficient! By attacking skimmers and the collateral damage caused to the base you do gain fines/bounty but these only add up to a few thousand credits at most per mission. I just wish that the number of skimmers you had to destroy where spawned in the mission and that it didn’t take to swap between solo/open to repopulate the skimmers. As this mission can be done in a sidewinder for minimal outlay it is very newbie friendly. It is extremely well-paying with the only real limit being the spawning of the missions. If I was to pick up a HOTAS tomorrow this is how I would quickly earn the credits to get a large shiny ship on my PC character, he is currently in a Cobra Mk III. The reason I’m not playing on my PC version is that the control scheme on the Xbox is amazing with the use of a radial menu which just isn’t available for the PC version. I should just set up the controller and use the keyboard as well, but well in my head I’m sold on flying my starships with a HOTAS…

There are some bases that have no aerial support, these are where you can very easily do the missions. Each base has a security rating when you accept the mission. The more +’s the base has the meaner the security force, no pluses no aerial support. Easy kills, easy money! Another problem about some bases is that if you are doing the missions from the air the skimmers dont spawn, you have to almost touch the ground before they appear. You must be carefull not to ram the skimmers though, to a Cobra Mk III they will remove you shield at remove about 50% of your hull. The other problem is that bases dont spawn enough skimmers for your mission and that forces you either to hunt around for POI which could take ages or you could just jump between open/solo untill you have hit your

Fear the green Python.

With running  these missions for a few hours, I have managed to A-rate my Python and build up over 50 million of credits ready to decide about internal options and have some spare cash for re-buys. Having a chunk of cash in reserve is nice, but now I must decide what to do next. I’m not sure about been wanting all the time, those extra interdiction by some rather well armed bounty hunters are getting very close to scratching my paint work. I don’t think the criminal life suits me! Maybe I should head out of the bubble while the heat cools down, head towards Colonia. But before that happens I should get grade 5 FSD upgrades on my AspX. Or maybe before I head to the galactic core I should visit the alien ruins… So much to do, so little time…

So no more skimmer kill missions for the time being, I like the idea of hurtling down towards the planet and blasting the base defences to smithereens. But I don’t like having to swap between solo/group and open to complete the missions. If the Cold war between the Federation and the Empire escalates I could happily blow away skimmers from Empire bases for a war effort! But for now the mission seems a broken mechanic. I am expecting that before Aliens make an appearance that the Feds and Imperials will go to war, not this limited engagements and the edges of space. But a full-blown, capital engagements in the bubble. Though I’m in no rush for this to happen, I’m enjoying the really slow burn of the story arc, following it through twitter and forums etc.

Between the PC and Xbox version I’ve spent over £150, which I still think is money well spent. The horizons updates will continue into 2017, after that I’m not sure if I will buy the next expansion for the Xbox as I will have them on PC because of the level that I backed at kickstarter. Which is odd seen as the time I am putting into playing the Xbox version and not the PC version

See you on the other side…


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