[E:D] PC vs XB1

There is often very spirited debate between console owners and the #PcMasterRace sometimes it’s banter but not always… As I love both mediums I thought I would put some stuff into words…

I bought my first PC in the early nineties when I was fifteen, but didn’t own an XBox till a lot later then upgraded through the series to a 360 then a One. Each platform has its strength and weakness’, these strengths and weakness’ can be different for each individual. I find both platforms fit in with my prefered play style’s. The Xbox was my first console and have never owned another make, but obviously I have spent a lot of time playing on other people consoles growing up.

I am amazed that E:D came out on the console, I am pleased that it did, but knowing the size of what Frontier was undertaking squeezing into the XB1 was just surprising. Both my PC and console go through my lounge TV, so I play in a style more akin to console style and not a more standard PC setup. I did have to drag my sofa a little closer to the screen to be able to read the text on all games, but not by much. My lounge is very small so I don’t have much room available to getting a desk and monitor setup, but that is the plan. Monitor, desk, gas lift chair and of course a HOTAS that would be living the dream!

So when I’m playing the PC version of E:D I’m using a Xbox 360 controller and VoiceAttack to make some commands easier to access. The 360 controller does seem a little small in my hands compared to an XB1 but in my humble opinion still far superior to the dual shock controllers. On the PC version I find the controller a little ‘clunky’ compared to the XB version of the control method. That is just the flight handling, the XB also has easy access to all the controls via radial menu’s. If the PC version could have these radial menu’s on a controller that would be excellent. But at present the PC version the controller has to be used with a keyboard/Voice attack.

The content on both platforms is exactly the same, nothing is cut out/back from the console version. There is a difference graphically, which is sometime subtle but occasionally can be a little jarring. On the Xbox I play in 1080p at 30 FPS on my PC I play in 1080p at 60 FPS, both look amazing. I find on the Xbox occasionally it struggles with lighting on planets it’s not sure at what value to illuminate the scene in and can flick between the two light settings where on PC I find these transitions more gradual. The major difference graphically I would say is the Planets/moons anything trying to look 3D. As you approach a planet the resolution and bump mapping is superior. You can see canyons and mountains at a greater disctance and are more pronounced on the PC version. But the difference is marginal. The cost between my PC and Xbox is greater than £600 the graphical difference isn’t  worth that amount of money.

The PC and XB1 version play in exactly the same way, normally ports go from console to PC and often get slatted for shoddy workmanship, a mention of Batman: Arkham Knight for example. This port travelled in the other direction and shows what can be squeezed onto the platform. The console version is not using it’s own special server for the background, we use the same server as the PC, so what console players do can alter how the PC players game and vice versa. I think the most amazing work is the controller scheme, allowing access to so many controls, even if I still occasionally boost instead of deploying my landing gear, but that is operator error…

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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