Massive Effect.

The 7th Nov or #N7day saw the release of a cinematic trailer for Mass Effect Andromeda which was a nice tease, but early evening @xboxuk announced that Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 where backwards compatible. Which was excellent news as I saved 2 disc’s when I upgraded to an Xbox One; Borderlands and Mass Effect 2.

I believe Mass Effect has been backward compatible for a while, but ME2 and ME3 are new additions. I know EA been nice… Getting ME out there is a great marketing tool, it will possibly drive digital sales of fans of the series wanting to refresh themselves with the story over the next few months till 2017 when Andromeda at present is slatted for release. Microsoft and many developers are working hard delivering these games in backwards compatibility. I would assume the financial incentives are minimal as the time taken to get a game working will not be made up in new sales. But as a marketing tool is where the release of a beloved game ahead of a new title will be invaluable bringing a franchise before an old audience and getting new players hooked. To push this idea to its logical conclusion, if say a month before release EA and Microsoft put the Mass Effect Trilogy in the ‘Games for Gold’/ free games for Live subscribers that would be a huge way to bring a game to the forefront of gamers minds.

It might be wishful thinking, but you can see it as a valuable tool. They have released the game 5-6 months before release of their new game, driving any digital sales. Then just before release they give it away fo free. It would make gamers very happy and slightly reduce the dislike of all the silly deluxe, super deluxe, super mega digital extreme versions that companies release, which vastly boosts profit margins on sales.

Now if Rockstar released ‘Red Dead Redemption’ On Gold that would make me extremely happy, Wishful thinking eh!

See you on the other side…


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