Sherman ‘The Boilermaker’ Firefly

The next free premium tank to earn in World of Tanks Console is the Sherman Firefly ‘Boilmaker.’ The Boilermaker is a tie in with Darkhorse comics and stories, a few of the special addiction tanks over the last few months have been related to the dark horse comics, the British ‘Snakebite’ Cromwell light tank and the German ‘Kraftwerk’ Panther. Let’s see what you need to earn this tank…



Earn the ‘Boilermaker’ Ops

These operations start on the 11th November and must be completed by the 28th, there are 5 tine gated with rewards at every tier. The operations  are based on points and these points are earned by damage done in multiplayer matches.

Points breakdown.

  • 1 Point placing 4th or 5th in damage done.
  • 3 Points placing 2nd or 3rd in damage done
  • 5 Points placing 1st in damage done

Operations Breakdown

  • Operation I
    • Starts 11th November
    • Earn 45 pts
    • Rewards
      • 2 Manual Fire Extinguishers
      • 2 Small First Aid Kits
      • 2 Small Repair Kits


  • Operation II
    • Starts 14th November
    • Earn 55 pts
    • Rewards
      • 1 Day of Premium


  • Operation III
    • Starts 18th November
    • Earn 65 pts
    • Rewards
      • Two x2 XP Boost


  • Operation IV
    • Starts 21st November
    • Earn 80 pts
    • Rewards
      • 2000 free XP


  • Operation V
    • Starts 25th November
    • Earn 95 pts
    • Rewards
      • Sherman Firefly ‘Boilermaker’
      • 1 Garage Slot
      • Boilermaker Medal

As per usual once you have earned the Boilermaker, you will earn x2 in the tank untill the end of the op on the 28th November.



In total you need to earn 340 points over 17 days, it is quite a  large number. But should be easily obtainable for the average player, with just a little thought on the matches you play it should not feel like a grind, but just a normal gaming session. Get your normal daily doubles done as per usual, then I feel you have a few choices that you could stick with or mix and match. You could pick your highest damage output tank/TD and just grind that way by purely going for big numbers, or you could play in your favourite tank, it is probably your favourite because you do well in it. Finally pick the most OP tank in your garage, for example IS-7, E-25, FV215b 183, WT auf IV etc. If you have no soul you could always seal club your way to the top, but I guess a few people will be trying this method so it might not be as easy as you think…


I will be trying a mixture of these, I’m very close to earning 1.5 million xp in my Cromwell Knight so this tank will feature highly in my gaming, but also my Centurion 7/1 and Conqueror as two of my favourite’s. My Hellcat was getting its damage rating to 91% then I had a few bottom tier games and fell below 89% so will continue to work that back towards that magical 95% which I desire. Well best of luck everyone with this operation. It is probably wise to not leave it to the last minute to complete these ops either, on every other tank except the Lycan, I earned the tank on the day the final operation was unlocked. With the Lycan I still had a huge chunk of operation IV to complete on the last day, which made it stressful and not enjoyable. So like revision don’t try and cram at the last minute, even if you can’t commit to a full game session everyday, even a few matches during the week will hopefully take the pressure off of the weekends, making it a far more enjoyable experience. Most importantly make sure you are having fun.

See you on the other side…


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