I have played online games since the mid nineties, I do generally play these games solo! Weird I know, very weird… I did occasionally group up with other people and have enjoyed this, I’ve been led as in my posts about Incursions/Bombing in Eve Online or been a leader in running missions/mining/Logi Commander. I’ve been involved in a Corporation running the industry side…. But my overall play has been a solo player in a multiplayer game…

I do what is known as PUG, Pick-Up Gaming, which is generally what most players do, but last week I joined a clan in WoT! Over a month ago I joined a community called ‘The Beard Guys’ which is an offshoot of a YouTube channel. This is part of my ongoing ‘Quest’ to improve my World of Tanks game play. So I joined the Beard Guys discord server to use their ‘Looking to game’ channel.  So now on a regular basis when I’m playing WoT I get to play as a platoon.  I’m generally platooning up with a few of the same people due to the times I play online. Sometime while playing we even use coms to organise out attacks.. lol.

I’m not sure if my gaming has greatly improved but it is far more enjoyable having a bit of banter while playing. As with most males, it all starts off polite and as we become more comfortable with each other we get to insult each other… Normally if someone has been polite I think it’s cause you don’t know me or don’t like me… Actually there has been a very small increase in my stats by about 0.3% but untill it goes up by a full percentage it could be just an anomaly at the moment as I have stopped grinding through low tier tanks at the moment. If I’m playing solo I want to 3 mark my Hellcat, but as I have just got 10 more garage slots I now have lots of room to acquire new tanks and work up a number of new lines.

After a while of playing with guys in the [BEARD] clan, there was a new clan made called [GUYS] which I joined. So I’m now in a clan and am regularly playing with the same players, I’ve even jumped over to PC and played WoWS with one of the [BEARD]’s.

The two guys I play with one has slightly better stats than I have and one very slightly worse, but both admit to playing aggressively. Which is interesting to see and have had to not be sucked into playing aggressively in my British mediums. But playing as a swarm of Lycans is so much fun… I just think we need more practice! It’s good hearing different opinions about maps, for example I dislike Ensk. It’s not that don’t know how to play it, I’ve had some great matches flying around in my Knight brawling etc. Where as one of the guys loves the Ensk map and really dislikes Derpenburg and I like Erlenburg unless it’s a blizzard map, but all three of us hate the reduced visibility maps, typhoon, sandstorm and blizzard. But that will probably be for another post. The one thing I will say about Blizzard is that it stops arty been scum and killing themselves, though to be fair every time I get Typhoon I feel like driving into the ocean as soon as the game starts!

World of Warships

So I’ve gone back to playing WoWS and am really enjoying it, playing as a division has been great fun! I’ve dabbled with British light cruiser line, but have decided to push forward with the American cruiser line. I have the Tier IV Cruiser the Omagh and I am working towards the Phoenix with less than 7k left after unlocking all upgrades. While playing in the division my friend has been playing in the American Battleship which has worked out well, I discourage Destroyers from getting to close and set fires on Battleships, and my friend swats the opposition Battleships. The problem with the Omagh is that it has rubbish AA fire, I’ve managed to shoot down one plane in my fifteen or so games. I’ve been playing WoWS to reduce my levels of SALT when the RNG of WoT has trolled me too much! Cant wait to get into a cruiser with super-firing turrets and a decent amount of AA to discourge them torpedo or bomber planes.

I dont hate Carriers like I hate arty, when a carrier does a double torpedo drop at 90 degrees each other and removes you from play, it has taken skill. Where as arty at tier IX and above is acurate enough to basically one shot a moving at full speed heavy of equal tier.

I’m hoping to continue my series on my YouTube channel regarding WoWS, as I’m getting back into the game.  The chance  to play in a team and enjoy some tactical gameplay… Which is something new to learn.

See you on the other side…

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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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