3 MOE!

Last night I made the final push to 3 mark my American Tank Destroyer the ‘Hellcat.’ I’ve really enjoyed the Hellcat, it’s a great tank that is powerful and weak at the same time. I’m really glad I decided to push this tank to earning a damage rating of greater than 95% of most players…

Marks of Excellence

Marks of Excellence are rewards for excelling in using your tank. It is scored on damage done plus assisted damage and measured over a 14 day period. If your score is above 65% of the maximum damage done by that tank you earn your first mark. This mark is displayed on the barrel of your gun in different ways depending on which country the tank belongs to. For example American tanks get a star per rank, the second star is earned at 85% and the final awarded at 95%. So my average over the last 14 days  has exceeded 95% of the maximum damage done for that period. Thankfully once you have earned the stars they are not removed even if your average drops below the percentage tiers. My average play had been around the 86-87% region, so just on the right side of the two star tier.

Goal setting

I decided that I wanted to three mark the Hellcat, It was a measurable goal, which is something I like. I could use the in-game stats page and also sites like WOTINFO this would allow me to see how I was performing over different play sessions. I have known for a long time that I was going to keep the Hellcat, the play-style is enjoyable and I have had some great games in it. I put permanent camouflage on the tank and bought bino’s, camo net and a gun rammer for it to get that extra DPM.

I needed to  get into positions where not only was I spotting my own targets but picking up the assistance points by my team mates shooting at them once i’d spotted them. I was parking my self up a lot closer to the front than I would normally park in a very easily penetrated tank. A few of my matches I was getting as much assistance damage as I was direct damage, which is very satisfying when you’re doing over 3k damage, In a few games the limiting factor was running out of ammunition. The Hellcat only caries 30 shells, I carry 29 AP and 1 HE, I don’t carry any premium APCR. I find it is not needed with the penetration and accuracy of the gun, you can easily snipe for weak points. With me playing more aggressive I did annoy a few medium tank players, one player was nudging me between everyone of his shots. Another player got what he deserved, he shot an enemy tank doing  about 50% damage I shot him to get my fifth kill, he turned around rammed and pushed me back. Then he hurtled off looking for his first kill and I followed in hot pursuit as I crested the ridge I was just in time to see him been one shot by a heavy and then I carefully aimed a shot and earned vengeance for this salty medium player getting myself a top-gun. The skills on my crew where important;

  • Sixth Sense
  • Brothers in Arms (BIA)
  • Camouflage
  • Recon
  • Situational awarness 81%

Playing a weak armoured TD without sixth sense is punishment, I know my T25/2 crew is lacking that skill. Which was the main reason I choose the Lycan for the halloween event, I wanted a trainer for my American crews. BIA gives a general all round improvemnet with camo been a no brainer skill for a TD, the last two skills improve my view range and help me spot stealthed TD’s hiding in bushes (KEMP BUSH.)

A short time later…


Another benefit for pushing for my 3rd Mark of Excellence was that I was very quickly earning points for the Boilermaker operation. The above screenshot was the game that earned me the 3rd mark, not one of my outstanding games, just a steady game. Which was a bit of an anti-climax I wished I’d earned it on one of those epic battles. But the important thing is I got it, it’s mine!


I will continue to play the Hellcat, use it for those operations to earn free premium tanks. The game play is best suited to solo play and I will keep it to solo. On sunday night I platoon up and for the last hour we seal-clubbed, oh I felt dirty doing it but it was so much fun… We alternated between the Tier III Locust and the Tier VII Lycan in a platoon of 3 people and just proceeded to wreck. I’ve been on the receiving end of clubbing before, so I do know how they felt. But for that evening it did push my Win rate up to 70% which I cant complain about.

So below you can see my stats for the last week, with variation from my average stats. These stats are a mixture of solo play working through my daily doubles, platoon play playing tier VII and upwards and of course working towards my third mark of excellence.

weekly-statsThe only statistic that has gone down is my capture points per battle, not really a bad thing. I’d rather kill than capture but I believe there are situations where capping is the best course of action. My average Win rate has sky rocketed, but the efficiency ratings for the last week make me very happy. With the WN7 having a purple unicum next to it, with the other 2 been greats, I must repeat the mantra ‘I must not seal club, I must not seal club….’ My avergae tank tier is due to the fact that im working through the Hetzer, KV-1, KV-1S and i do play a lot in my Knight. One of the important stats not shown above is my trees cut stat, which is 10605!

See you on the other side…


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