Just under halfway there…

Last weekend marked the half-time for earning the Boilermaker regarding time anyway. The easy operations have been completed and now the operations increase in difficulty turning from a few hours gameplay to investing in maybe 4 or 5 hours sessions over multiple days.

Last night I decided to get some grind on, playing not to progress through tank lines or generally to have fun and play just my favourite tanks. But I choose the tanks I knew I could dominate in purely just to get in the top 5 damage dealers and earn my points and complete operation III. I mainly rolled out in my Hellcat, I’m trying to get my third mark of excellence on the barrel and I also took my Cromwell Knight for a spin. So I think the gaming style could be called seal clubbing. Even in my Hellcat when I’ve been bottom in a tier VIII I’ve managed to pick up a few points. Operation II I did the hard way mainly playing my FV 4202(p) as my friend was trying to 3 mark his Pershing. It did mean I managed to add a few million to my coffers and decided  to buy a Hetzer and work up one of the German Tank Destroyer Lines.

It has been asked on Twitter if Wargaming actually offers too many free tanks… Yes complaining about free stuff. Lets have a look at this issue. Wargaming have offered a few premium tanks earnable via operations which are time limited. On PC you get to earn special tanks by completing missions which are completed over a long time. Where as on console you have a limited time period to earn the tanks generally about 18 days. Once that period has gone that chance has gone. Where as on the PC you earn the tanks as your skills increase and reward long-term play and are goalposts to show improvement.  When the free tanks are offered on consoles they are offered for sale in store and offer a different set of operations with rewards. I think people have a problem with the intensity of the operations, having a short period to plan their gaming around and as the operations get progressively harder, the last weekend of the op requires a lot of game time. As a regular player I do notice a drop in play quality during these ops. Where more often I see wipes, battles with only one or two losses on the winning teams. It can seem soul-destroying as your hard-earned damage rate takes a massive hit in the face as your just overwhelmed by 10-11 tanks, there is no valiant last stand…

I appreciate all the free tanks I have earned on World of Tanks I regularly play the Centenial/T95, Motherland, Hammer and Lycan the tank I don’t play is the AMX CdC, I was burnt out after earning this tank and never really got round to getting the play style worked out. I have not even earned the first mark of excellence in it, maybe at some future date I will get some game time in this tank. Other Free2play games offer incentives to earn ‘Premium’ ships. The way Star Trek Online offers ‘free’ ships works very well. They offer a limited number over the year, Christmas ,Summer and anniversary. Generally a 15 minute maximum mission each day with the ability to miss a handful of days. This will earn you a top of the line T6 ship. It is not a grind it’s just like a special daily with summer and winter been themed missions, ‘Ice skating’ winter race and jet packing in the summer.

Earning a premium tank on console is a reward that you have put the time in and been rewarded with a tank to help you train your crew but also a good silver maker. To run your tanks with equipment on/ spray Premium ammo at everything – I’m looking at you ‘Deathstar.’

In World of Warships they had an event running to earn ‘Steven Seagal’ as a commander for you ship who came with a few skill points to spend. Even with my poor selection of ships, I’ve only just unlocked 2 tier V ships. WoWS has a selection of missions available like WoT but these are longer term events where lasting a few weeks/month but also including a few weekend only events. For example this  weekend the chance to earn a free port slot by earning 35k exp. Which I wont be able to earn as I put the time into World of Tanks, it would probably help if I was better/higher tier  ships…

There is a big time investment in earning the free tanks, which was probably worth the investment for a tier VIII tank, with its money earning potential. To have a similar if not harder operation to earn a tier VI seems a little ludicrous. But if you want to collect ’em all, or need a British crew trainer, you need to put the time in.

If you can’t put the time in due to work/family commitments the ‘Boilermaker’ is always available from the store. But I do enjoy earning these tanks even if at the time it seems to suck the fun out of playing sometimes.

See you on the other side…


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