Burnt out…

This morning I was up really early (2 am) nothing new for me really but I decided to get a little bit of my game on while the heating kicked in to warm my flat up, so I could start my weekly clean up routine. Got some more STO daily’s done and took advantage of the R+D weekend. Then I decided to do some of the daily doubles done in World of Tanks…

I had played yesterday helping some of my friends to complete their Boilermaker ops but had only played my tiers 8,9 and 10. So had to get my daily doubles on some of the lines I’m working through going as far down as tier IV for my Hetzer, T-150, O-i Exp and working towards unlocking the long 88 on the Tiger P. Well I tried to get my daily doubles done but I could not complete them, because I’m burnt out with WoT. I probably will not log in for a few days and not feel like i’m missing out on the daily x2 experience. I even tried out the my new Sherman ‘Boilermaker’ Firefly even with the 1.5X crew xp bonus I could not feel any motivation.

Yesterday when playing in the top tiers yesterday, I was consistently running into massive amounts of Jg Pz E100 and waffles. Which is not surprising seen as the operations where damage related. So a few days away from WoT will do me good, maybe continue my work towards the American Light Cruiser the Cleveland. Or i might relax and try a big exploration trip on the PC version of Elite Dangerous. I’m getting close to been able to afford an Asp and then will need a few million to rig it for exploration and get an engineer up to tier 5 for a pimped FSD. Basically anything as long as it’s not driving a tank and been shot at by overpowered TD’s.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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