I can hear everything!!!

Three days ago my computer desk arrived, so I am no longer using my PC via my TV but had also purchased a 23.8″ monitor. Not only is using my PC a joy,  now I’m sat at a desk and am no longer balancing a keyboard on my knee’s, but the change from using the TV as a sound output to using a headset is amazing…

Elite Dangerous has great sound FX, the rumble and roar of engines, hitting the boost etc. But using a headset elevates it to a whole new level, I was amazed at the difference. All my gaming has been done without the use of a headset, using separate speakers either via an amp or magnetically shielded speakers next to a CRT monitor. The headset I’m using was a gift and is very cheap but I’m really enjoying the bass response and hearing so much nuance in the many effects. All this time I’ve been missing out on a huge portion of the media.

The other massive improvement is a real monitor over a TV. Sound and vision it’s all amazing…


I’ve had to re-arrange my electronics and at the moment I can’t power my PC and Xbox/TV until I buy a new gang socket or extensions. But gaming on my PC is a joy…. I’d forgotten how nice it is to use a desk.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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