Oh PvE, Oh PvE!

I generally get my daily dose of NaCl from playing World of Tanks but occasionally I drop by the Elite:Dangerous forums for a top up. I jest but only slightly…

There is a thread on the forums about why a certain person will not be buying the next season pass because all you do is grind. This thread has expanded to 16 pages now and has evolved, as with any thread I agree with some points but disagree with others, but eventually PvP rears its head.

Quick heads up on terms and what I mean when I use them.

PvP -Player vs Player – Anytime a player engages in combat with another player

Ganking– When a player attacks another with the sole purpose to destroy the other vessel, eg A fully armed and engineered combat vessel attacking a transport ship for example a FDL attacking an AspX.

Pirate – A PvP attack with the outcome that cargo will be jettisoned and the transport will be left alone, not always the case.

Griefing– The continual harassment of a player by a group or an individual.

If you play in ‘Open’ in E:D you can be engaged in PvP at any time, but also unlike for example Eve-Online the ability to grief is limited because of instancing of systems. Now a lot of time people on the forums equate any form of PvP against them as ‘Griefing’ because it has caused them to lose stuff. Where they really mean they were ganked, another player overmatched them with skill, ship or both. There is a call for Frontier to offer a ‘Open’ game mode but without any PvP, which for me is already offered in the form of group play. There are 3 options when you log into E:D; Open, Group and Solo and I use all three, which I use to tailor my game to how I want to play. I would say that over 90%  of my gameplay is in open with all the negatives and benefits that brings. Playing in open means that you need to be a little extra vigilant on your radar for other players, for me it adds an extra edge to my gaming. For example flying into a system with multiple thousands of LY’s traveled through unexplored space and docking without been engaged by either an NPC or PvPer. Sometimes I want a chilled out experience and want to relax as I play and don’t want the extra pressure of maybe been engaged in PvP you know those days that if one more thing goes wrong you’re going to start flipping tables over in anger…. I used the group to accelerate my PC commanders money-making via running missions to get to the AspX quickly as I had a plan for my PC commander to fly into deep space. While my Xbox commander has got into the Python via what I think as fun and a lot of people have used the term ‘Grind.’

Players should be more dangerous than NPC’s though I’ve been jumped by one or two NPC’s in Elite that have surprised me with the amount of fire power they have managed to bring to bare against me. I wouldn’t change the three play modes in E:D, In my humble opinion the system works for how I play and I know it might not be how other people want to play the game. But there are options for different play-styles within what is already offered, if a player does not want to engage in any form of interaction then solo is there. If they want to group up with a number of like-minded players that is what group is for. If the player wants to live dangerously that is what open is there for.

Python mining

Sometimes I think people play the game how they want it to work and not how it actually works and that can cause problems. At the moment I have no desire to engage in PvP I play other games for that kind of engagement, but as when I played Eve-Online eventually  I did try out some PvP and I did enjoy it. So although I’m not a PvP player I feel their game play is just as valid as mine and I enjoy waggling my fat Asp Ass at them then burning for the nearest planet as they give chase…

See you on the other side…


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