The Christmas Scrouge Award goes to…

Wargaming EU.

Well done, [Applause] Wargaming EU can’t be here to accept their award but we shall look into how they managed to get this accolade…

So I’m not Christian or celebrate Christmas but as I live in a once Christian country I can’t fail to notice that it’s very nearly Christmas… As a gamer you cant but help notice that many games/producers are running Christmas events, for example ARC have been running their usual Tier 6 ship giveaway as of right now I’m 80% completed in the task. World of Tanks console have given out their first Christmas gift the MLTS ‘Blitzen’ and have been running some daily ops to give away lots of crew traning ops and FAK’s, repair kits etc. With one other surprise gift been delivered after Christmas day depending on how many daily ops you managed to complete. Kerbal Space Program have been delivering PDF’s of buildable modules for a ‘Blue Peter’ style rocket! The list goes on and on…

Wargaming announced their World of WarshipS(WoWS) Christmas/holiday special, earn the tier VI German Cruiser Admiral Graf Spee!!! Earn a premium ship over the course of a few weeks with some time gated operations with a handful of other free stuff thrown in as well. The Graf Spee for me was brought to my awareness as a boy by the film Battle of the River Plate. The operations are all XP related and don’t seem stupidly huge either (I’m looking at you WoT Console!) So where is the complaint well, I’m glad you asked…

For people who have bought or earn the Graf Spee there is another Op ‘Christmas Convoy’ where you can earn a number of Tier VI standard ships and some premium camouflage for their ships. That is unless you play on the EU server of WoWS, the EU does not get the Holiday Convoy special, to spoil us we can buy the premium camouflage for out premium ships. So if you bought the Graf Spee there is no Christmas gift this winter from WoWS and if you live in the EU you get about a third of the value of the gifts that the America, Russian or South East Asia server can earn.  So many players on the EU server have been complaining the thread on the forum the last time I looked had hit 37 pages… A proper threadnaught. (As the Mighty Jingles would say jimmies have been ruffled!)

Wargaming EU have reduced the Christmas gift available to their player base and are charging for  camouflage that is earnable on the other servers. I think that maybe they forget we are customers are can vote with out wallets by not opening them and buying and supporting their game. I strongly support the use of your wallet to support a game you play as long as it’s not a play to win game. I’ve been playing WoWS for a while now and was planning on buying some more port slots and a premium ship to help me earn some silver, but with this massive snub my wallet will remain closed for both WoWS and WoT console for the forseeable future. That money will stay in my account and go towards a HOTAS so I can fly and dog fight in E:D.

Oddly enough Wargaming EU is doing the Santa promotion where you can BUY gift boxes to open yourself or gift to a friend.

See you on the other side…


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