Feeling guilty…

If you have any skill at a game you realise over vacation periods/when school is not in session that the quality of the game play drops a little to a lot. Sometimes it works in your favour, sometimes not so much. Then you start spotting more A-holes and the problem with that is you might become one yourself…

Last night was eventful, came across a lot of idiots and then i became one my self when I lost my “oh it’s just a game” mentality. So playing World of Warships last night a few things went not as expected, some was face-palming funny. I play mainly (light) cruisers(CL) in WoWS and have my ships generally set up as for anti-aircraft, but I do have a few tier V Destroyers(DD) which I really enjoy and will be pushing forward with soon. I have a few of the ARP tier V Kongo class Battleships(BB). I don’t own any Carrier at the moment and have not played with them at all. So if I’m in my Cleveland or Pepsicola my role is take out DD’s and other CL’s and help support other ships take out CA and BB’s and supply AA cover for other ships. DD’s can sneak up to with about 6km without been spotted if they are IJN launch torpedos without been spotted and the first time you know about it is you torpedo warning going off. So you have to get used to not tunnel visioned and alter course speed. But with DD having great camouflage they make at the beginning of the match excellent scouts to spot the enemy as soon as possible. Also if a DD makes a run on a capture circle with cruisers and BB support they can be of real value. Well that’s how I see it there is more to it but that’s the broad brush strokes.

So I’m in a match with a Sims a Tier VII destroyer, this guy/gal has put time into earning that ship. beginning of the match a few of us say we are off to capture a point and 2 light and one heavy cruisers move off. The Sims moves from one end of the home cap circle to the other than just lazily does circles at full rudder at our spawn point. I ask the DD if he could come scout for us, 3 cruisers don’t want to bump into 3 BB. His reply ‘No’ after a few more sentences he reply ‘This is not world of tanks, destroyers are not scout’s!’ He didn’t last much longer as the CV dumped 2 loads of sticks on him sending him to the bottom. Now if he had been supporting 3 cruisers those planes probably would not have got close to him… The dunning-kruegar effect in force there.

My second interesting run in was a friendly DD torpedoes me from about a km away as I was engaging a BB. I had signalled in chat that I was rushing a cap point was going to smoke than spot hoping to get a Japanese DD at close range so I could get them with my guns. So as I smoke up the other DD stops my smoke screen, as I move forward my spidery senses ping, i send a spread of torpedos towards the far end of the cap circle. I was rewarded  about 10 secs later with a Japanese destroyer been spotted I open fire with all my guns as he does the same to me. But I am an american gun boat with far more guns, I turn in towards him though i can’t fire all my guns it gives me the chance to fire another spread of torpedos if i need to chase him off. I was really lucky the enemy DD turned in towards my torps and by the time he realised it was too late. A good start ‘first blood’ and ‘devastating strike’ as im turning back into the circle I run for the cover of my smoke screen as I have been spotted by all the BB’s and CL on the enemy team. As I get into the smoke screen I cut my engines and have a Kongo class BB broadside on so I open  up with my guns. So i’m slowing down, guns blazing at a BB then my torpedo warning goes off and i’m slammed instantly from behind by the DD who was lurking in my smoke screen. I wait for a few minutes then say ‘not even an apology?’ in chat and I get the reply that I was purposely trying to block him and it was my fault.  I came close to returning the favour and putting a few torps into him, little git! But didn’t…

My very next match I snapped, I headed off full steam to a cap point and not one CL or BB made a move to support on my side of the map. The three ships that spawned with me moved towards the centre. I spotted 3 top-tier ships coming down on me, so retreated! Then the abuse started in chat, from a pair of CL’s hiding behind islands who had moved to place where they could not support a DD on the flank they started off they had rushed to the middle. I felt no qualms in not been a hero and slinking off leaving the cap to the enemy. If none of the other players on the team wanted that cap point, why should I die for it. So I relocated to the centre and did a solo cap of the centre cap point. All this time the division of CL where giving me abuse in chat. When he told me to grow a pair, I let the dark passenger in and gave the friendly CL a pair of his own…. Torpedo’s into the side as he was a stationary target beached on an island. He didn’t bother repairing and waited till the flood damage sank him. His division mate opened fire on me and couldn’t hit the broadside of a barn.

So this morning I’m filled with remorse I know what I did was wrong! I shouldn’t have done it and more importantly I should have been punished, but wasn’t. The normal punishment is turning pink for 5 matches, but as it took the CL so long to sink the friendly fire incident didn’t kick in. Which seen as a few days ago I did 15 points of damage to a Cleveland in my Cleveland and sank him and went pink for 5 games, is a little odd. I’m pissed off for doing something stupid.

Time to re-evaluate if I should play games that make me salty.

See you on the other side…


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