Gamer’s like immersion, been able to lose yourself in the game. I know it’s not just a gaming thing, I love the same feeling in a book, a movie or music. Some games are just that Games, for instance World of Tanks or Warships, but other games I can completely lose myself in for example Skyrim and Elite Dangerous.

At the begining  of December I decided to head for Colonia the colonies that lay 20k LY towards the Galactic core. But before I set off there was a few things I wanted to do; visit a Barnacle site, crashed alien space ship, Alien ruins and visit the Sol system. monoliths

Monoliths at the Alien ruins.

Basically tourist type things because none of this paid other than the small amount that you get for exploring a system. But was something I felt was important for me to do before I headed out into deep space.

After looking around the Solar System and enjoying flying around looking at a few sights including the ice geysers. I plotted a course on the Colonia Highway and headed for deep space.

My Asp Explorer can jump a maximum of 43 Light Years and the Colonia hub is over 20k LY, that is a lot of jumps. There are a few colony bases on the Colonia Highway to make things easier for pilots, repairs etc. But even so it is still a long way and takes dedication to get out there. My other goal was to arrive at Colonia for Christmas day.

To aid with my journey I used VoiceAttack to allow me to set up some macro’s for my voice. For example if I say “ping the system.” it does a “Honk” or technically it holds the mouse 1 button down for 6 seconds thus activating my system scanner. If I say landing gear it extends or retracts my you guessed it my landing gear. I can also open the system or galaxy map via voice commands. Some people use voice packs that can be purchased to give there ships an AI that will give out random responses to commands. Which is a nice feature, but I didnt go that far, I kept it fairly simple and just set up the commands i’d want out in deep space. I have downloaded a free pack so if I decided to go further with voice commands I have something to disect…

Been able to talk to my ship adds to my immersion even if talking ships got a bad rep due to the likes of Hal from Arthur C. Clarkes’ 2001. I use an Xbox controller on my PC so having voice commands saves me from reaching for my keyboard and I can just issue the command. I do plan on extending the use of the Voiceattack software as I need/want to.

So travelling 20k LY to Colonia, I’ve got my ship voice-activated, I have an ETA and it’s dark and im wearing sun glasses.

Im heading out into deep space with a destination and a time frame but on the way I want to explore and see new sights and obviously get my commanders name on new systems never before seen by any other commander. I found worlds that where suitable for terraforming and one Earth Like World (ELW), I landed on ringed worlds just to admire them.


A ringed planet, a blue-white giant star, nebula and the milky way so bright in the sky! That view from that planet, no one had seen. How awesome is that, that is the payment for exploring for me. Yes I earn some credits along the way, but my balance has just reached 34 million credits and it took me 2 weeks so I earned 20 million credits which I could have done so much easier by staying in the bubble and doing anything really other than leaving the bubble.  But my immersion and my Light RP of been a grizzled explorer is worth it. Even feeling burnt out after I reached Colonia and not playing E:D for a few days and when I did come back I just ran errands around the Colonia systems. But the itch got me and I’ve set course for the Galactic Core to see a super massive black hole. If doing something in a computer game just cause you can is not immersion, I dont know what is…

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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