IS-3A ‘Fatherland’

Well I completed the least enjoyable OP to earn a tier VIII premium tank that wargaming have done. But I managed eventually earn RNGesus’s favour and get myself the tier VIII Russian heavy. I decided to give some feedback. which i have written out below.

Fatherland OP.

I won the fatherland, it took 244 games. Out of all my friends I was the last one to earn it. I am neither a F2P or a whale, I put money in to increase the size of my garage and buy permanent camo for tanks that I have decided to keep, I have bought a premium tank to help me get the most out of the tech tree I enjoy playing. But as with many people this is not the only game I play and have RL commitments so I cant throw money at the game all the time.

Why did I want it…

I like the sense of achievement and getting rewarded for playing. I’ve achieved the Hammer, CdC, Centenial, Lycan and Motherland. I’ve enjoyed the ops to earn these tanks.

What did I like about this OP.

The continual reward, the xp boost’s where pretty great and helped me a lot to work through my mid tier Russians. The silver was really just like getting a lump of coal but still silver is silver. Up until now I’ve not been feeling the Russian tech tree, but with the handful of games I’ve played in the IS-3A I might like the higher tier heavies so I might push through the mid-tiers. (This is good for wargaming I find a tank I like, I like to see it properly dressed for war.)

What didn’t I like about this OP.

What I didn’t like was the massive random nature of winning the tank. I was lucky my weekend was free and had set aside thursday evening, half a day Friday and Saturday. Thinking this would be more than enough, by saturday afternoon I had 1 medal. Where as the handful of people I talk with had earned there’s in a few hours. As of finishing my session at 0230 sunday morning I had worked up to 4 medals, but I was no longer playing for fun… If I didn’t acquire it I would be pissed off, not just short term but most likely long term. Because I know that my mates would be like lets have a fatherland platoon…. haha. So I persisted on to Sunday started about 1130 and finally won it at about 0200 monday morning. The WHOLE weekend…

I really appreciate the the Console version has given out some tier VII/VIII premium tanks, for that I will continue to support the game with my wallet. Getting 500 damage was easy even if I was mainly using tier V/VI tanks which equates to 2-4 shots depending on the gun calibre. So it was easily accessible for even new players which is great. But the flaw I see is the variabilty of winning the tank, there is a massive difference between my friends 60 ish games and my 244. Not everyone has the amount of time it takes to sink into the game, I would almost say the people with the most spending power have less time due to other demands. Having OPS over a longer period allows myself and others to plan our time to participate and earn/win the reward. For myself i’d rather earn a tank via a slightly high skill requirement and have the op spread out over time and/or timegated. If the OP had been on another weekend where I had even a few things planned I would never have had the time to complete the OP. Which would have made me  feel annoyed.

If I had failed to win the Fatherland, I would not have bought the tank, why should I pay for something that other people had got for free. IF i’d been pissed off by not getting the tank no matter how much time i’d put into the game, my wallet would have closed for a long time. My wallet is not RNG based, it’s not the amount of time I play it’s how much fun I’m having while playing.

I hope this will help you shape further OP’s and understand how and why players such as myself enjoy earning these ‘reward’ tanks.

Earning the tank was luck based the more you played the better chance of getting a lucky drop. My drop chance was about 2% I suppose it could have been worse. But I was stubborn and didn’t quit.

See you on the other side…


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