Manic Miner on the Spectrum 48K, my first game I ever completed, well the first game that had a modicum of difficulty and took any skill. It was probably only difficult because when I first tried to finish it I was very young. I didn’t play it for a few years then returned to it when I was around 10 years old, after playing a LOT of Jet Set Willy and finished it very quickly…

Finishing a game is obviously a special achievement some more than others, I would not rank finishing CoD single player campaign in the same realm as finishing a Dark Soul campaign. Often beating an end of level boss was a big achievement for example playing the original R-Type, getting to the boss’s was hard work then figuring out how to beat them, with limited life’s. That was the game figuring out the puzzle, unfortunately now it would be classed a ‘grind.’

The Xbox achievement system is pretty cool it adds feedback for completing certain tasks, some of them easy to complete as you play the game, some of them you need to go and actually go and work towards and plan your game play to account for this. The feed back of the little pop-up on-screen as your playing, which leads to when the game play is less frantic going to check what achievement you have un-locked. Playing World of Tanks on the console I am getting close to getting all of them, the ones I am missing are the artillery missions. Owning a number of arty at once and killing two tanks with one shell. I don’t think I’ve ever earned all the achievements within a game. But that does not bother me, I’ve come close in a few games than DLC has been released etc.

On the PC we have Steam achievements but for some reason they don’t seem nearly as important as earning achievements on the Xbox for instance. But when Skyrim SE came out it does mean I get to earn a whole new row of achievements. I am not all that bothered about earning achievements on PC but love it on the Xbox.

My friend has recently bought a PS4 and has bought Fallout 4 again, he played it on the XB1 finished the main quest and sold it. For him once the main quest is completed that’s it, a few months or so ago we where chatting and I mentioned that I hadn’t finished the game and had actually re-set to start the game again. I mentioned a few of my favourite side quests which he had never done. On my original play through I still hadn’t collected all the pieces of the experimental power armour. Not that I use power armour but you know got to collect them all. I mentioned that was one of my personal achievement this play through, so last night at about 10 I got a text saying he had got the experimental armour, I congratulated him. Then chuckled to myself, yes he has the X-01 armour, which is nice and all but I can guarantee that him acquiring the armour involved looking on YouTube to find the location of the full set, not the way I wanted to acquire it via loot drops… But each to his own, I don’t want to be denied my little hit of chemicals when I achieve something myself. I still remember my first “Right on! Commander.” on the Spectrum version of Elite, that was just under 30 years ago. So these achievements are important and can transcend a simple pop up on-screen.

I like a mixture of being able to set my own personal goals finishing a mission or acquiring a ship or unlocking a certain ability. But also enjoy those little achievements set by the game, for example playing the loot ‘n’ gun Borderlands franchise. Picking up those Bad Ass ranks and getting a slight improvement to my character, giving it slight RPG elements. But people get there little highs by earning achievements differently but the harder the achievement the better the chemical reward.

Getting chemical hits from achieving something in-game is the same as the hit you get for achieving something in real life. The harder you have worked for something the better the reward. I spent 3 years working towards a qualification, spent 2 days in exam conditions both in a class room and out in the wild, I love canoeing but I still had to work hard. I was immensely proud and it was a defining moment for myself, very close behind was my Raft Guide qualification getting signed off on 3 rivers (Ubaye, Guil, Durance) showing with 2 of those rivers I could safely navigate on a river that I had never seen before. Actually my Rafting might define me more than my canoeing though I do more canoeing or did do more… The chemicals released for navigating a river are the same as completing a level in Dark Souls or getting 10 headshots etc.

My last personal achievement in Elite Dangerous on the PC was acquiring a Python and getting it fully A graded as a reward I bought some Paint packs for the ship. It was not a big achievement and did not get as big a hit as I did when I earned it on the XB1. My fleets on both the Xbox and PC are now very similar Asp, Python and Cobra with the difference been I have a Viper Mk III on the XB1 and a Viper Mk IV on the PC. I have lots of small goals lined up for ED mainly revolving around unlocking engineers, but as I have not done much combat in elite I want to get myself all skilled up. But that I feel is to vague, I want to be able to set a metric and have a definable goal to work towards. Choosing a combat rank to work towards allows to measure time spent doing combat, but not really a skill level. But of course more time you do an activity you will gain skill, but it does not measure your actual skill. I’ve touched on this in my article statistics. I will have to think about how to measure combat skill in Elite Dangerous…

See you on the other side…


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