We meet again…

Well, I accidentally re-installed Eve-Online a few days ago… Oops!

I have not bought any Plex yet (if I do so at all.) But thought I’d pop my head back in and see what was shaking, looks like soon CCP will be changing the Aurum I have on my account into PLEX which i will be able to use to get some premium time. I’m in no rush at the momment, So I have been looking through my characters and getting a feeling where they are and what I have in stock. But as I only have my toons on a free-to-play account i have not initiated any Industry. But I see a lot ready of stuff ready to go as soon as I plex the account. I’d forgotton I had actually bought a Thanatos BPO which at the moment needs another month in research to get max profits from it. But I still have my whole capital production in low sec ready to go, but will require a lot of research to see if its worth my re-activating due to change in mineral compression.

The corp that runs the Capital manufacture and Jita trading is sitting on about 12 billion funds cash, which I have not touched. I transferred 1 million isk in to my trading wallet and just using the skills available to an ‘Alpha’ Clone over the course of 3 days have managed to turn that into 25 million. Scouring the market is slowly reminding me of what was worth trading and seeing what meta’s have changed and hopefully find new places to make money.

Really I’m toying with the thought about returning to the fray, well maybe dipping my toe in with an alt and seeing what the new player experience is like.

See you on the other side…


About tothebreach

Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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