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One last control system.

So buying a HOTAS to play Elite:Dangerous was a fairly big investment, but I think I need one more item to improve the setup… Advertisements

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To HOTAS or Not…

The last Joystick I owned was a very long time ago and it was a very nice Microsoft one. As I love Elite: Dangerous I’d like to take my gameplay to the next level, at present I’m using my Old … Continue reading

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This is Monday Morning.

This is Monday morning and it see’s you cruising along without a care in the world…   See you on the other side…

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Wargaming have announced the Battlecruiser HMS Hood been introduced into World of Warships. Now been British I’m fairly excited about adding this Legendary ship (Legendary for the wrong reason’s.) But she was an important part of power projection in the … Continue reading

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E:D 2.3 Outta Beta (*Soon)

*Soon™ Frontier Dev announced that 2.3 The Commanders will be coming out of beta, week ending 16th April. So everyone can get on board with creating a Holo-me, Yay!

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