E:D 2.3 Outta Beta (*Soon)


Frontier Dev announced that 2.3 The Commanders will be coming out of beta, week ending 16th April. So everyone can get on board with creating a Holo-me, Yay!

The features that are the main draws for players is the character creator, Multi-player and the replacement of the de-bug camera with a fully fledged ‘Vanity’ Camera, IMHO. With the new patch it could be also an injection to the next part of the ‘story’ for later in April. People will also be hoping for a fix for the Ram Tah’s alien ruins mission. Some AMD GPU’s where not rendering the ruins correctly and elongated the x-axis making a few of the ruins a few Km’s high and all the obelisks subterranean. Which meant I could only earn 88 million and not acquire the last few sites to make the payout 200 million…


Holo-Me to Holo-You

Reading the forums which I dont recommend unless you’re low on NaCl, as per usual is full of the usual posts about E:D dying. This happens just before a new release, as people are either in the beta or holding off and waiting for new stuff to get their teeth into. They normally quote Steam statistics as a basis for this assertion. But as many people don’t use steam, I don’t I play directly from the FDev client. E:D is not a real main stream game it is more of a niche market, there arn’t many games where i’ve got a pad of paper next to my computer for making notes. Even in Eve online I was adding information directly to a spreadsheet. But Elite I use pen and  paper, making notes of trade runs as I travel around the bubble etc.

I suspect a lot of Youtubers will be excited about the new vanity camera and the options to make cinematics. I am looking forward to ObsidianAnts and BlindPew video’s using the new features. Once the patch goes live I will be finishing the remapping of my controls, removing the driving from my HOTAS using those spare functions to using the new camera functions.

The earning ability of multi-crew has been reduced you will no longer all earn 100% of the bounty it will be divided up using combat rank as a means of measuring input in combat. I’d better get around to improving my Combat rank.

The things  to-do list always seems to be full…

See you on the other side…


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