Wargaming have announced the Battlecruiser HMS Hood been introduced into World of Warships. Now been British I’m fairly excited about adding this Legendary ship (Legendary for the wrong reason’s.) But she was an important part of power projection in the inter-war years.

I’ve seen a lot of comments of Bismark captain’s looking forward to sinking the Hood with one shot… Fair play, when we get the Ark Royal we will chase you with Fairy Swordfish and knock your steering gear out with every torpedo hit… I’ve even spotted certain people who hated the comments about the French cruisers been introduced and automatically getting the white flag module dissing the Hood… Hey it could be worse the first 3 tiers could be on the French tech tree, then tiers 4-7 are on the German tree and tiers 8-10 automatically scuttle at the start of the match…

I am looking forward to getting the Battle ship/battle cruiser British line, Hoping for some important names Dreadnought, Iron Duke (I had this ship as an Airfix model as a kid.), Renown, King George V and when the Brits get carriers Ark Royal. The cruiser line has been in for a while now, they don’t hold the if you will pardon the pun, the renown of the bigger capital ships, maybe other than the Belfast as that is moored up on the Thames.

I assume that Wargaming have struggled with the British line due to the amount of Battlecruisers the RN fielded and also we maybe started the Naval Arms race but we never got as big as the Iowa or Mighty Mo’. So filling the upper tiers will be difficult. I can’t understand why wargaming didn’t have Battlecruisers as a separate tech tree. Although people keeping calling the Kongo a battlecruiser which she was as she left the British dock yards but after numerous re-fits she fits in more with a standard BB. The British cruiser line are a high skill line of ships, I really hope that the BB’s are more accessible.

See you on the other side…


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