One last control system.

So buying a HOTAS to play Elite:Dangerous was a fairly big investment, but I think I need one more item to improve the setup…

Using the XBox 360 controller and VoiceAttack (Now available via Steam) I could fully control my ship. With the X-52 Pro, VoiceAttack is less needed and is more immersion with 2.3 The Commanders been released mid april I will be remapping and re-programming VoiceAttack to make my own personal control system. If I knew a Woman with a Russian accent as they spoke I would make my AI ‘Sveitlana’. But you can’t have everything so I doubt I will make my ship respond to voice commands.


There is something that  I managed to get the controller to do easily, that I have not managed to get the HOTAS to do well and that is look around the cockpit. Once I lost that ability I realised how much I used to do that. With the controller I could use the a thumb stick press which would allow me to look around and follow targets etc. At the moment I have it set up as the mouse button on the throttle but it does not feel very natural and lacks any finesse.

I am still using the 360 pad for driving the SRV, which I find far more natural than using the HOTAS setup to do this. I can get the fine control on the pad that I want and can look around easily which I’m missing in my ships. If I reprogram one of the HAT switches to be able to look around I would lose access to a lot of commands. One HAT can have 8 commands allocated without using diagonals. So I can either have all the commands at my finger tips or be able to look around…


Honestly with all them buttons you wouldn’t think I would run out.  So I need a solution to up my immersion, I’ve been looking around for products and I think I’ve found the answer to my problem in the form of EdTracker.

EdTracker uses a mini board that supply gyro and magnetometer to track the motion of your head. It does not supply a full 6 degrees of freedom but I am not requiring being able to zoom into my dashboard. As I use a headset for all my sound needs on my PC that will not change my play style at all. The little box will attach to the headband of my Cloud II’s and track the movements of the band, will probably have to rearrange my desk slightly due to the leads coming out of the back of the PC. The Cloud II’s have a real long lead and I have the head phones resting when not in use as far from the PC as i can get them so the leads are less liely to get tangled up with my 360.

I thought about building the unit myself but after looking at buying the parts and a soldering iron and realising it’s been just short of 20 years since I did any soldering I am going to order the Pro version for the same price it would cost me to build my own.  No doubt when it arrives, I will do a review… There is a back log of stuff I need to do a review on.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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