Preparing for Black Friday Sales.

Black friday sales started as an American Sale but has traversed across the pond to Blighty. Which is nice, cultural enrichment and all that. I’m not one to buy on impulse, so I need to do some ‘prep’ work for this sale.

Stage ONE

Honestly I want all the tech toys, I could spend a vast amount of money on shiny tech stuff, but that would be naughty. So in my head I make a list of what I’d like and then list in the order of what will make the biggest impact on my life. For me at the moment I’d like a second monitor, nothing to flash just something at about 22″ and 1080p so it matches my present monitor. I think I might have to bite the bullet and purchase a Harddrive and not a nice SSD but a spinning disk type. The reason for this been that I need at least 1TB of storage and there is no point in holding off buying a drive as I can’t see the prices of NAND memory reducing in price over the next few years. Therefore the price of SSD’s staying reasonably high.


Stage TWO

So to avoid impulse buys time to do the research, this could involve finding out what products are end of line and are probably due a big discount. But also the main reason to research is to understand the price points of different products. What is on the value side of the equation and what you would count as premium, it’s also worth looking at price history. Some products are heavily discounted but some might have a regular discount on them and will be just reduced by this normal margin. At this point it’s also worth thinking about suppliers as well, for me I will be looking at Amazon, Overclockers and Scan I am weary about buying kit from a retailer I’ve never heard of. Where as Scan and Overclockers I’ve been buying stuff off of them for years and I trust them. Black friday sales also seem to have extended from a single day to over the weekend to some places having their sales running for 5 days to a week. Worth checking on this so when their sale goes live you can start checking out the prices and not leave it all to one day over a few hours.

Stage Three

So now you have done the research of what is out there, time to set a budget. You might have decided on a certain product and that makes it easy, just hunt for the best price on that product. Or you could choose a price point of an item you would buy now and see what items are reduced into this price bracket. Also if you are planning on buying multiple items make sure you add the total’s up so you know what you are likely to be spending and make sure that fits into your household budget! Also take note on delivery costs this can add a substantial chunk onto the cost of an item. Worth seeing that if you buy multiple items from one vender it might reduce the cost of delivery.

Stage FOUR

Brace, Brace, Brace.

As soon as those sales go live, scour the press, websites etc looking for that ‘killer deal’ and try to not go above your budget in the heat of the moment, which can be difficult when it’s so shiny… You set the budget when you where calm and collected and you set it there for a reason. Don’t ignore that and go forth and ‘buy all the things’.


Stage FIVE

With the amount of research you have done, sticking to a budget and a lot of google-fu to hunt for the best price you now just have to wait on delivery. Hopefully been prepared there will be no buyers remorse or having to tighten the belt through November/December due to you blowing your budget on shiny things. Enjoy your shiny tech gear.

See you on the other side…


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