So black friday/cyber monday…

So relating to my previous post. I was prepared, poised ready to pounce on a great deal. What shiny did I purchase…


Drum roll please…

I spent less than ¬£2 on games… I bought Battlestations:Midway and Pacific in a package deal from the steam sale. A little bit of nostalgia for me at some point, both games where on my wishlist.

I did come very close to buying a monitor, I wanted an upgrade from what I’m presently using, a ‘gaming’ monitor. Actually I was looking for one with the specs of a gaming monitor but without the price inflation been a ‘gaming’¬†peripheral. Mainly looking for a 1ms response and a higher contrast ratio. There is nothing wrong with the monitor I have at the moment, it would have been transfered to second monitor position for when I stream or give me extra room when editing video.

I looked at Hard drives as well the one I wanted was reduced, but I didn’t buy it. I dont really don’t do impulse purchase, but these where planned expenditures… Odd very odd. The hard drive I can understand slightly, my PC was built with the idea of watercooling (my first dip into the pond so to speak) and the removal of old style hard disks. Having an M.2 and a SSD to supply storage as of completion, I did expect SSD prices to fall slowly making the larger drives of 1TB more in my price range. But natural disaster and certain mobile manafacturers hoovering up as much NAND memory as they can has made the price for SSD’s very static. It would feel like I’ve taken a step back, who in there right mind would want to use a CRT monitor or have a beige box under there monitor. I’d happily have a harddrive in a NAS but not in the box sat next to me…

The monitor is slightly more difficult to pin down the reason for not buying, I actually have zero reasons. Something to mull over. It does mean I have a nice kitty for shiny stuff ready to go.

See you on the other side…


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Gaming both on the PC and the Xbox One general game chat and including guides and coaching.
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