Elite Dangerous- Missions

Missions also had a quick pass with the 3.0 release of Elite Dangerous, not the actual missions itself they are fundamentally the same with one exception, but the way rewards are given out had the once over…

The big difference you see with the new mission board is a choice of reward, generally you get 3 choices but occasionally just 2.  These option allow you to choose credits, reputation, influence, data, mats or cargo. So you could take a credit option and only have a minor reputation/influence boost, or you want to grind rep with the local faction/super power so you choose the reputation option but don’t earn as much credits, If you’re playing the BGS (background simulation) the influence option is the one to go for.

The one thing I have noticed is that running missions and choosing the reputation option makes it so easy to grind the superpower navy ranks, I was at petty officer then in two hours of running missions, where I didn’t have to board hop I made it up 9 ranks to Vice Admiral and am easily within a few missions of unlocking the top rank of admiral for the Federation. So i now have the Corvette unlocked which makes me happy, but I am a long way from been able to afford that ship. I have the rank of outsider in the Empire which I only  worked towards to unlock an engineer, I want to push it up to Lord so then my title would be Lord Admiral which is just so Warhammer 40k! So this appears to be one area where the ‘grind’ has been reduced by Frontier, so maybe ‘get it while it’s hot’ (or Frontier hit it with a nerf bat!)

There is one new mission type, Wing missions. These are obviously designed for completing in a wing, these can be transport type missions where you move 1000’s of tonnes of cargo. Or massacre missions where you have to kill 100’s of ships, these can be accepted solo or shared when in a wing. I have done 2 wing missions so far, it is fun playing Elite Dangerous with other people but I felt the payout was low compared to time investment. While hunting Pirates at a Nav Beacon, the reduced payouts from the Kill warrant scanner really hit the money earned. I made about 5 million in two hours, shooting stuff and gained some data and mats but while running transport/data mission for two hours, the payment was 20 million and a big reputation boost. So there is a massive disparity in what you can earn on all counts money, reputation, data/mats. Completing lots of smaller missions is if you are trying to min/max your income/reputation/influence etc.

The Kill warrant scanner was apparently changed in the  3.03, to allow to acquire all bounties on an enemy ship not just the highest. This should return bounty hunting to one of the most lucrative options, but should also increase the payouts on pirate massacre missions. With my limited testing I only seemed to get one payout per scan of a pirate ship, so I might have been unlucky but will investigate further.

See patch  you on the other side…


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