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Whats in a Grind.

When in my early twenties the term ‘grinding’ was either something done to a piece of metal or something that involved a lady on a Friday or Saturday night. (It’s a “dance” in the very loose sense of the word … Continue reading

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More incursion running.

Incursions are not designed for new players, which is not a bad thing. There is both a skill and isk entry requirement. Warp to me has the lowest of the entry level requirements from what I can understand for players … Continue reading

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Patch Day.

So the patch comes in at just over 1 Gb, so that’s 5% of my monthly download allowance. But I’m excited about the UI changes a move in the right direction hopefully and a promise of some industrial UI improvements. … Continue reading

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Getting a little moar done with spreadsheets.

So I’ve got my Google spreadsheet set up pulling data from eve-central .com. Now I realise that this tool is not as elegant as it could be but it’s used mainly to look at trends in the market an overview … Continue reading

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Preparing to start a manafacturing career.

Eve is often described as spreadsheets in space due to is UI and reliance on the amount of raw data observable within the game world. Going into manufacturing means that it is important to fire up a real spreadsheet. It … Continue reading

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Capital Idea.

With my lack of play time, rubbish internet connection and job hunting my Eve playtime has suffered, massively. But i have managed to get my Capital project off the ground, 2 capitals have finished production and a 3rd is in … Continue reading

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Fuel Leak!

With the upcoming changes to Ice belts or their removal ive decided to have a quick look back at how much the price of fuels have changed over the last 2 months since my last post about the price of … Continue reading

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