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What should I do today? Missions…

It could be the first thing you do in Elite:Dangerous, sliding into the seat of your brand new and rather shiny Sidewinder. You look at the mission board pick a mission then the rest fades into history. As with a … Continue reading

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WoT: Lakeview

  This is a snapshot of the Lakeview map a few minutes into the game. I’m pushing into the town in my Centurion 7/1 following a tier VIII heavy up the Zero line. There are 4 of us that have … Continue reading

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WoT and Playing that funky music, white boi.

After my few hours on WoWs I got a hankering for a little Tank action. So last night I put a few hours into earning a little more money, I’ve got 9 free garage slots to fill!! I was mainly … Continue reading

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Getting a little moar done with spreadsheets.

So I’ve got my Google spreadsheet set up pulling data from eve-central .com. Now I realise that this tool is not as elegant as it could be but it’s used mainly to look at trends in the market an overview … Continue reading

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Preparing to start a manafacturing career.

Eve is often described as spreadsheets in space due to is UI and reliance on the amount of raw data observable within the game world. Going into manufacturing means that it is important to fire up a real spreadsheet. It … Continue reading

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POS Fuels (The PI Side) OR Part Deux.

So looking at the components for POS fuel that are aquired from PI. 8x Coolant – ideal candidate for profit making on gas planets. 4x Enriched Uranium– useful for Plasma planets in hi sec. 4x Mechanical Parts 20x Oxygen -easiest 1 planet, large volume 1x Robotics – Hardest … Continue reading

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Industry: POS Fuel

This is going to be a 2 part post, this one about making Fuel from resources bought from jita. The second will be about making PI related fuel. Basics of Fuel manufacture. Lets get todays prices for the Fuels (17-3-13). … Continue reading

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