So black friday/cyber monday…

So relating to my previous post. I was prepared, poised ready to pounce on a great deal. What shiny did I purchase…

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Whats in a Grind.

When in my early twenties the term ‘grinding’ was either something done to a piece of metal or something that involved a lady on a Friday or Saturday night. (It’s a “dance” in the very loose sense of the word or maybe like having sex with your clothes on.) But I digress the term grind has two uses in present gaming terminology, so lets take a deeper look.

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Preparing for Black Friday Sales.

Black friday sales started as an American Sale but has traversed across the pond to Blighty. Which is nice, cultural enrichment and all that. I’m not one to buy on impulse, so I need to do some ‘prep’ work for this sale.

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Sinking your Teeth into something…

Nom nom nom…

Honestly I didn’t realise I needed a game that I could submerge myself in. I’ve been playing World of Warships, Elite Dangerous, Skyrim(just started messing with Mods), Fallout 4, KSP and World of Tanks on console for so long and have been enjoying myself. But none of these games are new and I know the mechanics and I’m not learning anything new. I thought I was happy with my game choices…

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…So little time…

Warframe has it’s claw’s into me..

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That new game feeling.

When you start playing a new game, you cant help but hammer it/binge on it. That feeling of everything been fresh and new mechanics to learn it’s a great feeling. So I have a new game on the rota;- Warframe. I wish I’d started playing this a while ago…

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This was our second match in Clan Battles and our first win. I’m in my Minotaur causing havoc for DD’s and other cruisers. Video with some rudimentary┬ácommentary…

Thank you for watching.

See you on the other side…

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