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X52-PRO Logitech -Review.

I bought the X52 Pro mainly to play Elite Dangerous but would also be using for getting back into Warthunder and indulging in the X series and the old X-wing games. But 99.99% of the reason was E:D, I was … Continue reading

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One last control system.

So buying a HOTAS to play Elite:Dangerous was a fairly big investment, but I think I need one more item to improve the setup…

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E:D 2.3 Outta Beta (*Soon)

*Soon™ Frontier Dev announced that 2.3 The Commanders will be coming out of beta, week ending 16th April. So everyone can get on board with creating a Holo-me, Yay!

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Playing around with the Camera.

Elite Dangerous has released the Beta of patch 2.3 which has altered the ‘debug’ camera to what is now a Vanity Camera. The new camera system is a vast improvement on the very simple control of the previous iteration and … Continue reading

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Manic Miner on the Spectrum 48K, my first game I ever completed, well the first game that had a modicum of difficulty and took any skill. It was probably only difficult because when I first tried to finish it I … Continue reading

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Elite:Danerous 2.3 Beta; Holo-Me.

Frontier recently released update 2.3 Beta, which brings 2 big features; Multi-crew and commander creator. As always it has a whole host of numerous tweaks and additions, I’ve had a play around with the two big features creating a Holo-Me … Continue reading

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Aural Pleasure.

I think that I have slightly under sold my gaming experience with regards to my audio. I have normally had a separate audio card, from the SoundBlaster 16 AWE to Soundblater Fatal1y. When I had the Fatal1ty I paired it … Continue reading

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