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[E:D] Bought a Python

Though I’m really enjoying flying my stable of ships, I was getting to the point that the money in the bank was starting to burn a hole. Flying around in fully specc’ed ships is nice there is a lot of … Continue reading

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What shall I do today? Exploring, Mining, Trading, Missions.[E:D]

I love playing Elite:Dangerous (E:D), seen as I’ve now spent over £150 pound on the game since Kickstarter! That breaks down to £100 pound Kickstarter on PC, then when I bought the Xbox One I bought E:D then also bought … Continue reading

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Jita moon IV Caldari Navy

Everyone ends up there at one point or another. Not everyone makes the pilgrimage to the eve gate but everyone prays at jita and what God do they all worship.. Isk, money just like in real life its more important … Continue reading

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